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Today is a big day for all of us at GetGlue, as we are announcing a plan to merge with Viggle!

The combined company is going to have nearly 4.5M registered users and will be the clear leader in Social TV.

In the past couple of months the two companies started talking and it became clear that there are a lot of synergies and benefits to a combination.

GetGlue has become the favorite Social TV application, helping over 3 million fans socialize on the second screen, and discover what to watch. Viggle has focused on loyalty and rewards, as well as unique second screen experiences ViggleLive and MyGuy.

Both companies are passionate about building great products that help connect users, networks and brands on the second screen. And lastly, our offices in NYC are just two blocks of each other - so the combination also makes sense from a real-estate perspective too.

What can you expect from the two companies right now and in the future? Whether you are one of our users or partners in coming weeks it will be business as usual. (Don’t worry stickers are not going away!). Please continue to use and enjoy our products as you have been.

In the mean time, we will be getting the teams together over the holidays so be sure - to expect great second screen products from us in 2013.

Thank you for helping us get this far. We value our relationship and look forward to delighting you with more Social TV goodness in the near future.

As they say on the first screen - stay tuned!


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