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Gamers, get ready to wear down the batteries on your mobile devices even faster. GetGlue has stickers for EA Mobile games for iPhones, iPads, and smartphones, including Tetris, Battlefield Bad Company 2, and EA Sports titles. Check-in to your favorite games now via our apps or our website to earn stickers.

press-plateEA Mobile has both original games as well as mobile versions of your favorite console games. The one common factor? Addictiveness. Luckily, since they’re mobile, you can play your favorite EA Sports games or High Caliber Hunter and still leave the house.

Whatever EA Mobile game you can’t stop playing, check-in via our apps (handily available on iPhone, iPad, and Android) or our site to earn these stickers and share your addiction. Be sure to follow @GetGlue on Twitter to learn about our latest stickers.

Update: These stickers can no longer be earned on GetGlue, but please keep checking-in to all your favorite games and more.


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Gamers, rejoice! We gave Mashable an exclusive, and we’re psyched to announce our first major video game partnership with Xbox, including stickers for Halo: Reach and Kinect. Playing your favorite Xbox games will now get you more than just blissfully sore thumbs and toned limbs (thank you, Kinect); now you can also earn stickers with GetGlue when you check-in through our apps or our website.


The high-tech Kinect sensor has revolutionized gameplay for hard-core gamers and newbies alike with its playful, energetic approach. As our sticker says, “You Are the Controller,” and Kinect has propelled players into a future with no need for buttons or joysticks. Users should play and check-in to their favorite Kinect games (like Kinect Adventures, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Pt. I, and Dance Central) to earn stickers for this beyond-cool device.

Halo: Reach is one of the top video games on GetGlue, so we know our fellow Gluers won’t be able to wait to earn stickers for the Xbox offering. Start playing as Noble Six and keep checking-in for your chance at stickers for one of our cool stickers, which (as always on GetGlue) feature official images from the game. We want to see these stickers on your 360, stat!

Fans of Alan Wake and Fable III shouldn’t feel left out. You can also earn stickers when you check-in with our apps or our website. So you never miss out on any of our biggest news, be sure to follow @GetGlue on Twitter.


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Come rate and relive the past 12 months in music (albums and recording artists), movies, TV, books, and video games with GetGlue’s Best Of 2010 lists. We’ve listened to your voices throughout the year and our annual collection of the top titles combines your favorites, with critics’ choices, and our own personal take on the 2010 that was.

Revel in rock, rap, reggae, and what-have-you with the top records and artists. Uncover your next tome to curl up with, or chime in on the (not so) idiot box. Getcha popcorn ready for awards season with some epic flicks, or grab your controller and be a part of the action with the best in games.

So rate and remember, discover new treasures or tell us of your favorite finds. Have fun with the Glue and, as always, please subscribe to our twitter feed for all Essential Lists updates.


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getglue_basicsticker-150x150December means more than just holidays, decorations, get-togethers, and vacations. It’s also time for pop culture fiends to make their picks for the best titles in entertainment, and we need your help with our lists for 2010. Tell us your favorites from 2010 in the comments below.

For 2009, we made our picks in books, movies, albums, and recording artists, and this year, we’re adding two new categories: TV shows and video games. We want to hear what you were obsessed with this year.

Did Inception wow you, or were you floored by Black Swan? Did The Walking Dead match all the hype, or could you not bear to miss an episode of Modern Family? Has Kanye West kept you moving, or have you had Arcade Fire stuck in your head?

Share your top picks for 2010 in books, albums, movies, recording artists, TV shows, and video games in the comments below, and be sure to check back here to see what made the final cut. Follow @GetGlue on Twitter for all the latest news.


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Since the blurry days of Pong in the 1970s, video games have cast a spell over society. Whole days have been spent by kids (and even more often adults) carving out cities for sims; recreating games of Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys; or fighting villains and creatures in hellscapes past, present, and apocalyptic future. Whether you’re a lifetime gamer — born with a joystick in your hands — or a newbie gadget hound who simply loves shooting Angry Birds on your iPad, GetGlue has some fun for you.

The experts here at GetGlue have pored over the past three decades of video games to create lists tailored to all sorts of players. From Action, Driving, and First Person Shooters for the adrenaline junkies among us to Strategy, RPGs, and Sandbox titles for those who are more enamored with worlds that explore the nether regions of the mind.

There’s a Sports category for those who every year fiend for the newest models of Madden and MLB The Show, and a Classics feature for those who fondly recall the games of their youth (be your childhood the time of Zelda and Sonic or the olden days of Space Invaders and Pitfall!).

So, go, rate, explore, and remember with GetGlue’s new Video Games Essential Lists. As always, if there’s a game that you think is missing or anything you feel does not belong, please let us know your thoughts, and subscribe to our Twitter feed @GetGlue for all our essential list updates.


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