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Bazinga! Fans of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, and Raj rejoice: Not only can you watch The Big Bang Theory 5 nights a week, but you can also earn stickers from Warner Bros. Television for checking-in to the comedy favorite with GetGlue’s apps and website. Check out your local showtimes here, and then watch and check-in to start earning stickers.

The Big Bang Theory 5 Nights a Week Stickers on GetGlueOur users have been begging for The Big Bang Theory stickers for a while now, and Warner Bros. Television and GetGlue are excited to launch these stickers with The Big Bang Theory now playing 5 nights a week starting tonight. Check to see where and when you can satisfy your need to see The Big Bang Theory every weeknight.

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GetGlue is excited to announce its first partnership with a local TV station, Atlanta’s 11Alive! Now news-savvy Atlantans can earn stickers for watching Chesley McNeil, Karyn Greer, Mike Francis, Brenda Wood, and the rest of the 11Alive news team when they check-in with GetGlue through our apps or our website.

11Alive on GetGlue11Alive gives Atlanta residents the news starting at 4:30am with Wake Up with Chesley and it takes you through the day’s late-breaking news with 11Alive News Tonight. Start checking-in to shows like 11Alive News Today, 11Alive News at Noon, 11Alive News at 6, Daily 11@7, and more to earn stickers.

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A couple weeks ago we published our first data science blog post where we investigated the connection between movie check-ins on GetGlue and box office draw. In this post we’ll look at how GetGlue check-ins align with a traditional metric of TV performance: the Nielsen ratings.

Check-ins vs Nielsen Rating: Single Show

For this study we looked at check-ins for episodes since the beginning of the year that we also had Nielsen ratings for. Our dataset was comprised of 367,369 check-ins, 1,649 episodes, and 237 shows. We removed episodes for shows with stickers to account for promotional bias and normalized the check-in counts to account for growth in the GetGlue user base. By doing this we were better able to compare episodes with check-ins in May to episodes with check-ins in January, for example.

We’ll start by looking at a single show — Big Bang Theory — a popular comedy on CBS. We chose this show because we had many Nielsen ratings for it and it’s easy to locate in the final graph for this section. Other shows that we plotted using this method correlate equally as well.
getglue_big_bang_theoryThe R2 for the trend line is 0.88. This indicates a very good fit for our limited sample size and tells us that there is indeed a strong relationship between check-ins and Nielsen rating, at least in this case. The mean R2 was 0.69 with a standard deviation of 0.26 for shows with a relatively significant amount of data (more than 10 episodes and more than 500 check-ins on average).

Check-ins vs Nielsen Rating: Broadcast Comedies

Now that we’ve seen that check-ins and Nielsen ratings correlate for a single show, let’s look at how all broadcast comedies correlate.
getglue_comediesThe R2 for the trend line is 0.55. Not as good as a single show, but still a fairly strong correlation. Assuming the Nielsen ratings are accurate, this tells us that the number of check-ins a show receives relative to its audience size is made up of many different factors. Even shows within the same genre may have different check-in patterns.

Check-ins vs Nielsen Rating: All Genres

Next we’ll look at all episodes across different genres and networks. Our hunch was that we would see more variation in the data, but that individual genres would form distinct curves. Indeed, this is what we found. This chart shows the number of check-ins versus the Nielsen rating for that episode. The color of each point on the graph represents the genre of the show for that episode and the shape represents whether the show was on broadcast or cable television.
getglue_genresThere is a lot to gleam from this chart, especially with regard to way the data seems to form clear clusters of TV shows.

We noticed several distinct groups that formed when we made the plot:

  • Supernatural teen dramas include Smallville, Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural — all of which are on cable except for Being Human, which is on SyFy. Tosh.0 and South Park — two cable comedy shows — appear in this cluster as well.
  • Teen dramas include Gossip Girl, Greek, Skins, 90210, and One Tree Hill.
  • Family sitcoms include How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, and Mr. Sunshine.
  • Crime dramas include NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, The Mentalist, Castle, CSI, Body of Proof, Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five-0.
  • Music/Dance reality shows include American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

It is interesting to see the consumption habits of users on GetGlue. For example, teen dramas on GetGlue drive the same amount of engagement as Crime dramas, even though the estimated audience size is much lower for teen dramas compared to crime dramas. One possibility is the fact that GetGlue users are young and tech-savvy and not likely to fit into the crime drama demographic. It may also be due to the fact that young people are more likely to watch on DVR/Internet and the Nielsen ratings fail to capture that portion of the audience. Another reason is there could be something inherent about teen dramas that cause people to check-in more — possibly because there is more to talk about.

The difference between broadcast and cable TV consumption is interesting as well. Most of the low rated/low check-in shows tend to be female oriented cable reality shows such as Millionaire Matchmaker, Kate Plus 8, Real Housewives, etc. The highly engaged shows on cable tend to be Dramas and Comedies.

Check-ins vs Nielsen Rating: Men vs Women

Now that we’ve looked at genre, what happens if we breakdown the data by another factor, say gender? The next chart is the same as the last one, but instead of genres we colored the episodes by whether the show was mainly watched by men, mainly watched by women, or was watched roughly equally by both men and women.
getglue_genderThe first thing to notice is that there is a lot of pink. Although the GetGlue active user base is about 50/50 male/female 62% of the check-ins in our data set came from women. One of the reasons for the disparity may be that we did not include sporting events in the list of shows. Another reason may be that men are embarrassed to check-in to shows that are thought of as feminine and are therefore underrepresented in the sample. Women, on the other hand, do not feel the same way about shows that are considered masculine. Lastly, women may simply watch more TV and/or enjoy checking-in more. In addition to the makeup of users, the chart tells us that Men tend to favor comedies and sci-fi shows while women tend to favor dramas and reality shows.

We also thought it would be fun to list the top shows by male to female ratio. We only looked at shows that averaged more than 500 check-ins an episode to weed out some of the more obscure shows.

Top shows for women
1. The Bachelorette
2. Grey’s Anatomy
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. The Bachelor
5. Vampire Diaries
6. Pretty Little Liars
7. Inside The Royal Wedding
8. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Atlanta
9. Secret Life of the American Teenager
10. Gossip Girl

Top shows for men
1. Stargate Universe
2. The Cape
3. Archer
4. V
5. Lights Out
6. Smallville
7. South Park
8. Human Target
9. Outsourced
10. Perfect Couples

Yes, men like watching Perfect Couples apparently — they made up a whopping 60% of the check-ins. Check-ins from women outnumbered those from men almost 5 to 1 for the top women’s show, The Bachelorette and for the top men’s show, Stargate Universe, check-ins from men outnumbered those from women almost 3 to 1.


Solely looking at the Nielsen rating of an episode won’t tell you how many check-ins it received. However, when looking at more variables such as the genre of the show and the number of male and female viewers we can start to build an accurate prediction model.

We are excited about using GetGlue data to provide insights into social entertainment. This is only the first of many blog posts that will involve TV. As we gain more users and more data our insights will only continue to get better. Let us know your thoughts and if there is anything in particular that you would like to see us analyze in the future. Stay tuned for more!


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1.11.11 is a magical date for the gloriously geeky among us, and it gets even better with an all-new co-host and all-new format on G4’s  Attack of the Show. Candace Bailey joins the show tonight as Kevin Pereira’s new co-host, and GetGlue users can earn special stickers by checking-in to the show via our apps or our site.


As if the show weren’t already cool enough, the addition of Candace Bailey ups the awesomeness ante. AOTS now also boasts more video game news, more gadget updates, and more of the stuff that fans love.

Those devoted users who check-in through our apps or our site during tonight’s premiere will earn a sticker with the lovely lady’s face for their collection. Be sure to tune in at 7/6c to see what Candace’s first day on the job is like.

Be sure to follow @GetGlue on Twitter for all our latest news!

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getglue_basicsticker-150x150December means more than just holidays, decorations, get-togethers, and vacations. It’s also time for pop culture fiends to make their picks for the best titles in entertainment, and we need your help with our lists for 2010. Tell us your favorites from 2010 in the comments below.

For 2009, we made our picks in books, movies, albums, and recording artists, and this year, we’re adding two new categories: TV shows and video games. We want to hear what you were obsessed with this year.

Did Inception wow you, or were you floored by Black Swan? Did The Walking Dead match all the hype, or could you not bear to miss an episode of Modern Family? Has Kanye West kept you moving, or have you had Arcade Fire stuck in your head?

Share your top picks for 2010 in books, albums, movies, recording artists, TV shows, and video games in the comments below, and be sure to check back here to see what made the final cut. Follow @GetGlue on Twitter for all the latest news.


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Comedy has been a constant force in television from its radio-birthed infancy to today, but its popularity has waxed and waned over the years. Though there may be fewer TV comedies on the air today than in decades past, it’s hard to deny the genre’s endurance. Even though reality series may rack up the ratings, comedy reigns on GetGlue, and the essential comedy TV shows is one of our most popular lists.

To keep up with your love of laughs, we revamped our list to reflect the shows that are the best — and the best-loved — in the comedy genre. There are the oldies-but-goodies, the new favorites we can’t wait for new episodes to arrive on Hulu, and the cult shows that we missed the first time around (but caught via DVD). We’ve also merged our old “Sitcoms” list into this one to ensure all your favorites are in one spot.


Of course, the mega-popular shows are all here, from the misanthropic mischief of Seinfeld to the decade-defining Friends. In its era, smart satire M*A*S*H reigned in its fatigues and scrubs, while current hit The Big Bang Theory keeps millions laughing today.

freaks_and_geeksSome less popular — but no less loved — series are must-sees on the list as well. The postmodern perfection of Arrested Development’s lasted for just three years, but that seems like decades compared to the eighteen-episode run of the perfectly nostalgic (or maybe it’s just plain perfect) Freaks and Geeks. Sports Night and Flight of the Conchords got in two seasons each, but it’s about quality, not quantity, here.

We wouldn’t have newer favorites such as The Simpsons and Family Guy without the working class charm of The Honeymooners‘ Ralph Kramden, and the strong center of I Love Lucy paved the way for everything from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to Roseanne (which were both influencers in their own rights). Shows like All in the Family, Will & Grace, and Chappelle’s Show also blazed new trails in a different way, but never at the expense of laughs.

how_i_met_your_motherWe’ve got traditional, multi-camera sitcoms such as The Golden Girls, How I Met Your Mother, and Frasier, but single-camera comedy fans should be sated by the presence of  Malcolm in the MiddleScrubs, and Entourage. Families can sit down to episodes of The Cosby Show and The Wonder Years, but you might want to keep kids away from Weeds, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Curb Your Enthusiasm — though that might create a sitcom-like situation of its own.

Be sure to rate all your favorites at this list of essential TV comedies, and let us know what you think of our picks. Angry over the absence of Murphy Brown? Can’t believe we included Two and a Half Men? Think we listed the wrong Neil Patrick Harris show? Suit up, and comment below.

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