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itunes_1204Here’s a Friday treat for you - new Glue sites!

When you visit the website that compliments iTunes you will now see Glue appear for albums and artists.

Additionally, you will now see Glue appear on Hulu movie pages as well as IGN movie pages.

These sites compliment the existing sites that Glue supports and expand Glue’s reach across the web.

Do you have a site that you’d like to see Glue support? Why not suggest it in the comments?


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I am a huge fan of SeamlessWeb and am so excited that it is now Glue-d!

For those of you who don’t know what Seamlessweb is, it is a simple way to order food online. Seamless takes away all the worry of ordering food over the phone. Loud restaurants, not having cash, and so on, they aren’t issues.

Now, my experience on Seamless has gotten even better with the addition of Glue!  You don’t often talk to friends about where to order lunch, but now that Glue is on SeamlessWeb I can see my friends opinions on these types of places.

To celebrate this integration we ordered lunch today on Seamless from Noodle Bar!

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We have Glue-d even more of your favorite sites! Glue now supports:

Books: BOMC2
Artists: eMusic
Movies: Apple
Restaurants: Gayot
Video Games: 1Up

Additionally Glue now supports a bunch of categories on Entertainment Weekly: MoviesTV Shows, Books, and Music.

Enjoy! If there are other sites you would like to see Glue support, please let us know by either commenting below or tweeting the phrase at the bottom of this page.

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