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With our newly released updates for Android and iPhone, we’ve made it simpler to find what to watch on TV, streaming, or in movie theaters. From the Watch section of the app, you can see what’s Now On TV, New On Streaming, and Now in Theaters. If there’s a specific show, movie, or sports team you’re interested in, you can tap Search & Discover to type in exactly what you’re looking for. You can also post what you’re watching, comment, share to social media, and paste a link to an image or video via the icon on the upper righthand corner of the screen.

Search & Discover

Search & Discover

The new and colorful Search & Discover section is an easy way to browse by genre and curated lists. From here, you can access shows and movies your friends like, what’s trending, genre lists, fun lists, and more.

Now On TV

Now On TV

Focused on real-time viewing, the Now On TV section shows what’s best for you on TV right now, based on the shows you like and ones we think you will. Tap on the show tiles here to find channel information, post a comment or fun link, learn more about the show, and watch new or past episodes on any of your favorite services, such as Amazon Instant, iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu.

Now On TV lists

From this section, you can also tap on More On TV to access more TV shows that are on tonight. See what your friends are watching when you tap on Friends’ Shows, and find out what shows are currently popular on GetGlue via the Trending Shows tile.

You can see what’s coming up next by tapping Next on TV, and, for you primetime TV junkies, you can take a look at what’s playing on primetime later tonight. Just tap the Primetime tile.

New On Streaming

New On Streaming

From the Watch guide, you can also quickly see what’s new on streaming, and similar to the tiles in the top of the guide, you can tap any of these to watch your selection on a number of streaming services, post a comment or link, and get additional info about the selected show or movie. You can also select the bottom right of the tile to add the show or movie to your  Want to Watch list, which you can access easily from the Search & Discover section.

TV Lists

Here, you can also see TV Lists, which organize content by mood or genre. So if you’re in the mood to binge-watch, you can tap Binge and we’ll deliver a curated, alphabetical list of shows. Other lists include Make Me Cry, Make Me Think and Thrill Me, among others.

New On Streaming, TV Lists and Episode Catch-Up

Our Movie Genre lists are another handy way to find and watch exactly what you’re in the mood for. And when you’ve fallen behind on your favorite TV shows, you can tap on Episode Catch-Up to see, play, and post about all of the newest episodes.

Now In Theaters

Now In Theaters

When you’re getting ready to go to the movies, take a look at Now In Theaters. Here we surface the newest, most relevant films to you, based on your likes and past posts you’ve made on GetGlue. Don’t have time to catch it in the theater? Tapping Want to Watch will add it to your Want to Watch list and send you a reminder when it’s out on streaming. If you’re looking to see a movie tonight, you can buy tickets as well.

Later On TV

Later on TV, Next 7 Days, and beyond

As you scroll towards the bottom, you get a bird’s eye view of the best stuff playing tomorrow, this week, and the next few months. This way, you can plan to watch your favorite show, premieres, finales, and never miss a major live TV event.

We hope you’ll enjoy using the Watch guide. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below, or email


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Don’t have an iPhone, Android or a Blackberry?  That’s okay, because today we are launching - a new, app-like, mobile web site, a solution for those without the above mobile devices can now check-in with GetGlue and be just as cool.

Our goal for this launch is to enable more people to have a better check-in experience, regardless of what type of phone they are using. We want checking in to feel fun and exciting - and it is!  We decided to invest in a robust and fun mobile site based on the fact that about 10% of the current check-ins data comes from the existing mobile site.

The new and improved mobile site is built to be like the app, and the screen flows like you are using your iPhone instead of a mobile site. We have also invested in tailoring the experience to different platforms. Using the technique of progressive enhancement, modern browsers will be able to take advantage of HTML5 features that allow rich interaction within the mobile site. The jQuery-PJAX library allows for partial-page reloading which translates to quick response times for the user. For less powerful phones, the mobile site degrades gracefully and is still feature-complete.

With the new and improved mobile version users can have the same great experience with the same functions and features including:

  • Check-in to tv shows, movies, music, games, and books
  • Share check-ins with your Twitter and Facebook friends
  • See what your friends are currently watching, reading or listening to
  • Earn leaderboard points and get stickers from GetGlue and major brands
  • Rate lists of popular shows, movies, music and books
  • Get suggestions for weekly new releases and old favorites picked just for you
  • Take your favorite entertainment and suggestions with you everywhere



Do you love GetGlue? Here is your challenge. Find friends who don’t have iPhone or Android and tell them about the new awesome web site we launched. Just because they don’t have these devices does not mean they can’t enjoy the app-like check-in experience. Send links to to your friends!

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