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YouTube is tapping influencers and comedy lovers on the second screen by partnering with GetGlue to promote their first-ever YouTube Comedy Week through comedy fans. The campaign utilizes GetGlue’s new advertising products which include sponsored check-ins, promoted entries and premium takeovers. This is our first sponsored takeover campaign and we are thrilled to be working with YouTube to promote the launch of Comedy Week!


YouTube Comedy Week kicks off on Sunday May 19th with The Big Live Comedy Show which will stream live on YouTube at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.  Fans who check-in to their favorite comedy TV shows and movies on GetGlue can unlock stickers and enjoy fun clips promoting YouTube’s comedy channel. YouTube Comedy Week will showcase the best of comedy with live events, video premieres, and creative collaborations from the world’s funniest people. YouTube Comedy Week will bring together the biggest names in comedy on YouTube and beyond including Epic Meal Time, The Nerdist, Jash, The Onion and more, to create a one of a kind experience for comedy fans.

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Pepsi and GetGlue have teamed up for the launch of “Promoted Entries,” new sponsorship units available across GetGlue show feeds and the guide, starting with Super Bowl XLVII.

We are thrilled to be working together and to have Pepsi join the fan conversation around the Super Bowl using our new Promoted Entries. This partnership is the first glimpse of our new 2013 ad products. With the launch of Promoted Entries, we are offering advertisers a way to connect with their customers around TV shows, movies, and major events.

Pepsi has been a strategic GetGlue partner and has sponsored four GetGlue campaigns since 2011. “Being plugged into the social TV community for the Super Bowl is critical to our overall digital strategy,” said Andrea Harrison, Director of Digital Engagement at PepsiCo. “Our partnership with GetGlue puts us at the center of this incredibly engaged community. We were also excited to be one of the first advertisers to leverage the promoted posts for our video content.”

Promoted Entries allow advertisers to reach a specific audience and to spark engagement from fans. Any type of content can be promoted by a brand or a show and is placed at the top of the GetGlue feed for the entire sponsored campaign. Additionally, Promoted Entries can go viral because when users like and comment on the entries, they hop into their friends’ feeds. We’re eager to have brands and partners participate in the conversation and engage with their fans.

GetGlue allows fans to view feeds for their favorite shows, movies, and sports with hot comments and media content, which will now include Pepsi photos and video spots. Users will be able to check-in to the Super Bowl, chat with their friends, and watch the content in their feed. Pepsi has positioned itself as the #1 topic of conversation in the second-screen conversation around the Super Bowl.

Fans will be awarded a series of stickers including the Pepsi Halftime Show Coming Soon sticker, The Big Game 2013 sticker and the Pepsi Halftime Show sticker.

People checking-in to the Super Bowl from now through Sunday will unlock exclusive Pepsi content!




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GetGlue has teamed up with online video service Hulu for Super Bowl weekend. Highlights include Hulu’s AdZone Super Bowl commercials also being available on GetGlue, enabling GetGlue users to check-in to the Super Bowl ads, earn special Hulu Super Bowl ad stickers, engage with the ads with other users like never before, and unlock a FREE month of Hulu Plus!

GetGlue allows fans to view feeds for their favorite shows, movies, and sports to see hot comments and media content including popular ads, and Hulu is the ideal partner to team up with for the Super Bowl. The Hulu video player with AdZone content is embedded on GetGlue’s Super Bowl and Super Bowl Ads pages, allowing GetGlue users to view Super Bowl spots from this year’s game, as well as previous years’ ads. GetGlue users can check-in to the Super Bowl and the ads, chat with their friends and watch ads in their feed.

Fans will be awarded a series of stickers for checking-in to the Super Bowl ads, including the Coming Soon AdZone sticker, the Game Day sticker, the 4th Quarter sticker, and the Hulu AdZone sticker. Hulu is also rewarding users who check-in to the Super Bowl on GetGlue on Sunday and to the Super Bowl Ads any day between February 3-10 with a FREE month of Hulu Plus!

This is an exciting partnership, and we are thrilled to continue to help our fans enjoy their favorite shows, movies and sporting events.

Make sure to check-in on GetGlue this weekend for the most social way to experience the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl Ads and to get your FREE month of Hulu Plus!

**Users will receive an email with the Hulu Plus promotion code. Each individual user is eligible for ONE free month of Hulu Plus. The offer does not compound with incremental sticker unlocks.


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For some, fall means school, leaves, and the excuse to eat lots of cider donuts (is that just us?), but we’re most excited about the fall TV premieres. What really has us psyched is our newest offering: stickers for your favorite–and soon-to-be-favorite–shows on The CW. Check-in to all the new and returning CW series through our apps or our website to get stickers and previews for shows like The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Supernatural, and more!

The CW Stickers on GetGlue

Starting Tuesday, September 13 at 8/7c, you can see beloved shows from The CW return–and you can get hooked on new offerings like Ringer, The Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie, and H8R. Check-in now for limited-time stickers, and watch the premieres for more drama (and more stickers).

These are our first stickers with The CW (there are more to come!), and we’re so excited that we’ve had to actively restrain ourselves from using exclamation points exclusively. To make sure you don’t miss any of the upcoming stickers from shows like Nikita, America’s Next Top Model, and 90120, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.


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GetGlue has always been available to international users, but we’re excited to launch our first set of rewards with a show beyond our borders. We’ve partnered with the United Kingdom’s broadcast behemoth Channel 4 for stickers for its upcoming E4 show Beaver Falls, with more to come for megahits Skins and Misfits for their new seasons (or “series,” if you prefer). Users who check-in to the show through our apps or our website can earn stickers for watching the show when it premieres Wednesday, July 27 at 9pm.

Beaver Falls on GetGlue

Can’t wait that long? Check-in to Beaver Falls now to share your excitement and watch the trailer for the show about three friends from university. Flynn, A-Rab, and Barry enjoy their final taste of pre-real world freedom when they leave their rainy British home for a sunny American summer camp.

Though we can share just two images for the stickers, we have more to come, including Fan and Superfan stickers for those who loyally watch Flynn, A-Rab, and Barry throughout the first series. One of the Beaver Falls stickers will also serve as an entry for UK users into a competition to win a vacation to America.

UK users, please keep an eye out for stickers and rewards for Skins, Misfits, and more. We also have expanded our TV lists for our UK users to rate their favorite British comedies, dramas, and reality shows. You can also email support [at] if you can’t find your favorite show in our search.

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E4 viewers will also be able to level up and unlock fan and superfan stickers for checking in through the season.

E4 will promote the engagement with on-air, on-platform and social media call outs to drive users to check-in using GetGlue.


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There’s no better name in classic films than TCM. Cinephiles know that the cable channel is the home of Bacall, Bogart, Hitchcock, and Hepburn (both of ‘em), and now you can see heralded essentials back on the big screen with their film festival, which starts today and runs through May 2 in Los Angeles. Attend the festival and watch films such as Network, A Streetcar Named Desire, All About Eve, The Third Man, and Taxi Driver, and check-in through our apps or our website to earn stickers.

TCMCFFThe more films you see and check-in to at TCM CFF, the more stickers you can earn. Of course, Robert Osborne will be there (be on the lookout for sightings of the TCM host and share when you see him), and the festival will also play host to classic film’s biggest stars including Mickey Rooney, Debbie Reynolds, and Leslie Caron.

Whether you’re seeing films like Citizen Kane, Royal Wedding, West Side Story, and Manhattan for the first or fiftieth time, the TCM Classic Film Festival offers an incredible opportunity to see cinematic giants at work on the big screen. Check-in through our apps or our website to earn stickers and share what you think about these essentials.

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In the past, CNN and GetGlue have successfully teamed up for other events and shows such as Piers Morgan Tonight and New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, and we’re excited to announce two more campaigns to reward viewers. Starting today, CNN viewers can earn stickers for watching the network’s primetime show Anderson Cooper 360°, as well as its special coverage of the Royal Wedding. You can check-in to  AC360° and CNN’s other series through our apps or our website.

AC360We’re really excited to now have stickers for Anderson Cooper 360°. Whether he’s hosting from the studio or in the field, CNN’s Cooper is keeping them honest and giving viewers the story from all angles. AC360° airs weeknights at 10pm ET/7pm PT, so watch every night to ascend the ranks from Fan to Superfan to Diehard. Miss an episode? Catch the highlights with Anderson Cooper 360° Daily podcast.


Of course, CNN will have live coverage of the Royal Wedding itself on Friday, April 29, beginning at 4am ET,  but their teams are traveling to London in advance of the nuptials to provide an intimate look at the anticipated event all this week. American Morning and Piers Morgan Tonight began their coverage from the U.K. yesterday, while Anderson Cooper and Anderson Cooper 360° travel across the Atlantic to broadcast live from Wednesday through Friday.

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GetGlue has partnered with the Tribeca Film Festival to create exclusive stickers for fans who check-in to TFF films before and during the festival, which runs from April 20 through May 1. This announcement is perfect timing as we just recently updated our iPhone app by integrating Foursquare’s API.  Now festivalgoers can check-in and share with their friends what film they are watching and at what theater. Locations are content centric, and it’s the content that is more interesting–location is secondary.  Plus, it is super convenient to be able to check-in to what you’re doing and where all in one application, and GetGlue lets you do just that.

Tribeca Film Festival and GetGlueThe Tribeca Film Festival will reward exclusive stickers to fans who check-in prior to the festival to past favorites and during the festival to films showing at theaters, as well as online and via VOD. Then there are the Opening Night and Tribeca Drive-In stickers to keep the momentum going throughout the festival. Finally for those die-hard festivalgoers, there are the TFF Enthusiast, Insider, and VIP stickers.

Can’t make it to the festival? Tribeca has two ways film fans can see their content without traveling to New York: via their online screening room and through VOD. We’re excited to celebrate this, and we have two stickers just for these innovative ways to watch movies: Now Playing and Tribeca Online Film Festival.

Tribeca will also be promoting GetGlue in a major way including:

This is GetGlue’s first partnership with a major film festival, and we are excited to be part of this amazing project since it is completely in sync with our film loving audience.

The Tribeca Film Festival is using social media more than ever before, and GetGlue is the perfect tool for filmmakers to help promote their projects on Facebook, Twitter, and their website. Our site and apps encourage users to check-in while watching the films, then review them afterward and share with their friends.

So are you a TIFF enthusiast? Do you think you have what it takes to earn that TIFF Insider sticker?  Then check-in with GetGlue! If you want to learn about all our latest partnerships and stickers, follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.


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While we had two limited-time stickers for the special Jimmy Kimmel Live! After the Academy Awards episode, we’re excited to launch more stickers for the show as a whole. Now you can stay up late–and check-in–to Jimmy Kimmel Live! through our apps or our website to earn stickers.


Every weeknight at 12/11c, the hilarious Kimmel–joined by partners in comedy like Guillermo above–brings viewers the best in laughs, celebrity interviews, and new music. Viral videos like “I’m @#%$-ing Matt Damon” and this year’s post-Oscar hit “Hottie Body” are must-sees, and Kimmel hosts musical acts that are already climbing the charts as well as up-and-comers who you can cite to impress your music insider friends.

Didn’t drink your coffee this morning? Watch full episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on and remember to check-in via our apps or our website as you’re laughing.

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