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Happy Election Day! You may not always exercise, but when you do, it should be your right to vote! Go out there and strenghten your voting muscle. It doesn’t matter who you’re pulling for, as long as you get out there and vote! The lines may be long, but its worth it to have your voice heard. As a reward, GetGlue is giving away some pretty sweet stickers!ivotedTonight when you are watching the polls intently to see who our next President is, don’t forget to check-in to share who you are watching with. If it’s ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, CNN, Current or Comedy Central, you will be awarded for your loyalty.


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If your alarm is already set for 4am tomorrow, then you’re a true fan of the Royal Wedding who’s likely been counting down to this day since the November engagement announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. When you’re watching tomorrow through NBC, MSNBC, or CNN, check-in to the Royal Wedding through our apps or website to earn limited-time-only stickers.

CNN Royal WeddingCNN’s coverage of the Royal Wedding begins at 4am. Start checking-in through our apps and website to earn your stickers tomorrow, but there’s still time today to watch CNN’s pre-event coverage and check-in to earn stickers for Anderson Cooper 360, Piers Morgan Tonight, and American Morning. Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, Richard Quest, and Kiran Chetry continue their coverage from London all day tomorrow, so get your tea and crumpets ready.

NBC Royal WeddingNBC and MSNBC also begin their coverage bright and early tomorrow on Today and Morning Joe, then continue throughout the wedding day to give in-depth coverage of the wedding directly from London. It’s as close as you can get without having to buy a fancy hat or a tux. Watch NBC Nightly News tonight for your final chance to earn the first stickers, then check-in tomorrow morning through our apps or our site as you watch to earn these coveted stickers.

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The talented teams at NBC News and MSNBC are using all their current affairs acumen to cover the Royal Wedding, and we have stickers to mark the occasion. Check-in to your favorite shows that are covering the event through our apps or our site for the chance to earn these stickers, and be sure to check out all the festivities on the official websiteNBC Royal WeddingEven if you can’t make it to London for the festivities, the teams at NBC and MSNBC have the fun job of covering the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton from the British capital. Check out all their coverage here and check-in to their shows on GetGlue’s apps and our site to earn your stickers.

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