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GetGlue has teamed up with online video service Hulu for Super Bowl weekend. Highlights include Hulu’s AdZone Super Bowl commercials also being available on GetGlue, enabling GetGlue users to check-in to the Super Bowl ads, earn special Hulu Super Bowl ad stickers, engage with the ads with other users like never before, and unlock a FREE month of Hulu Plus!

GetGlue allows fans to view feeds for their favorite shows, movies, and sports to see hot comments and media content including popular ads, and Hulu is the ideal partner to team up with for the Super Bowl. The Hulu video player with AdZone content is embedded on GetGlue’s Super Bowl and Super Bowl Ads pages, allowing GetGlue users to view Super Bowl spots from this year’s game, as well as previous years’ ads. GetGlue users can check-in to the Super Bowl and the ads, chat with their friends and watch ads in their feed.

Fans will be awarded a series of stickers for checking-in to the Super Bowl ads, including the Coming Soon AdZone sticker, the Game Day sticker, the 4th Quarter sticker, and the Hulu AdZone sticker. Hulu is also rewarding users who check-in to the Super Bowl on GetGlue on Sunday and to the Super Bowl Ads any day between February 3-10 with a FREE month of Hulu Plus!

This is an exciting partnership, and we are thrilled to continue to help our fans enjoy their favorite shows, movies and sporting events.

Make sure to check-in on GetGlue this weekend for the most social way to experience the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl Ads and to get your FREE month of Hulu Plus!

**Users will receive an email with the Hulu Plus promotion code. Each individual user is eligible for ONE free month of Hulu Plus. The offer does not compound with incremental sticker unlocks.


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iGlueHulu is a simple way to import your TV Shows from Hulu into your Glue account.

The app was built by Byron Carasco, a developer who’s active in the Glue community. Byron used Hulu’s feed capabilities and leveraged the Glue API.

Here’s how the app works:

1) Visit and enter your Hulu username and Glue username and password.

2009-12-21_1155452) You’ll see a progress bar proceed across the screen and, when complete, will show you how many shows have been imported.

3) Visit your Glue profile and you’ll see that the shows now appear in your collection.

For example, my good friend Steffan just ran the app for his Hulu account and you can see the 5 shows appear in his Glue profile (pic).

Now, for the app to work you need to be subscribed to the shows on Hulu. Here’s a picture showing you how to subscribe to shows on Hulu.

If you have a Glue account and watch TV Shows on Hulu, you should use iGlueHulu to sync your Hulu information to Glue.

Thanks Byron for creating this tool for everyone to benefit from! If you have an idea for how to improve Glue, why not build something via the Glue API?


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itunes_1204Here’s a Friday treat for you - new Glue sites!

When you visit the website that compliments iTunes you will now see Glue appear for albums and artists.

Additionally, you will now see Glue appear on Hulu movie pages as well as IGN movie pages.

These sites compliment the existing sites that Glue supports and expand Glue’s reach across the web.

Do you have a site that you’d like to see Glue support? Why not suggest it in the comments?


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