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Discovery is a big piece of Glue. We want to help you find your next favorite thing. The Surfer and Trend Setter stickers help reward two forms of discovery.


“Surfs Up! You’ve been all over the place.”

The Surfer sticker rewards browsing to a number of objects within a given period of time. You can’t discover new things if you aren’t consistently visiting new items, right?

Surfer is a temporary honor. If you stop browsing you will lose the honor.

trendsetter_1125Trend Setter

You’re so in the know… before it’s in the know.”

Trend Setter rewards another form of discover - helping to start the trend by liking things before they become popular.

Tip: be early to like hot upcoming movies, books, and music to increase the likelihood of earning the sticker.

Have you earned these two stickers? We’d like to hear what you think of them - too hard or too easy to earn? Too mysterious?


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New Super Gluers

by Fraser on November 24, 2009 · Comments

Please join me in welcoming four new Super Gluers:

jpbrunelle_1124 jengajumanji_1124 msandler_1124 jfranzone_1124

Left-to-right the new Super Gluers are: Jeff, Dan, Marshal, and Jonathan. These four Super Gluers join the initial list of 10 Super Gluers.

Through direct feedback and insight, blog posts and tweets, these four have provided value beyond the typical community member and have helped us shape Glue. I’m happy that we’re honoring these four individuals as Super Gluers because they’ve provided support for sometime.

As of today the Super Gluer sticker will be appearing on their profiles. They will also be receiving the Super Gluer shirt in the mail shortly.

Want this distinction and the limited edition shirt? Step up your involvement on Glue and say hello to @adaptiveblue on Twitter.


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“I am fascinated with the interplay of physical and digital: digital things become physical, and physical things become digital.” - @AlexIskold

Today we are introducing the ability to get real-world stickers for your achievements on Glue.

stickerslaptop_1123The physical stickers are rare - you’ll only ever get the stickers you’ve earned on your GetGlue profile - so stick them wisely. Whether you put them on your laptop, desk, or trapper keeper, be proud and share your accomplishments.

Once you have earned a certain amount of stickers on your Glue profile, you will unlock the ability to request your real-world stickers and the request promo (below) will appear on your sticker pages. Click the link, fill in your address, and your stickers will arrive shortly!


Since there are a lot of stickers to earn -  and new ones being introduced - the promo will reappear over time, enabling you to collect freshly earned stickers.

Some of you will be receiving your stickers in the mail today. If you do, drop us a line, let us know what you think, and share pics! If you haven’t requested your stickers yet, visit your profile, go to a sticker page and submit your request today.

It’s been fun watching sticker requests come in from across the globe. Thanks for your support and enjoy the stickers!


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When Alex started talking about his vision for Glue a common theme was the ability to enable  the discovery of things through people and people through things. The Connector and Curious George stickers reward and highlight these activities.

The connector sticker is a nice pat on the back for having a collection of things in your Glue profile that people find interesting.

The sticker text states: “You have impeccable taste! Lots of people are discovering things through your collection.”

This sticker has levels. What’s the highest you’ve seen on Glue? Tip: build up your profile and then share it with others to level-up.

cg_1119Curious George

Curious George is rewarded to those on Glue who are curious little monkeys.

By exploring profiles - specifically profiles for people you aren’t currently subscribed to - your curiosity is rewarded with this sticker.

This sticker also has levels. What’s your current level?

These two stickers are in my top 5 list - both from the design perspective and how they’re earned. Hopefully you like them as well.


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glue_ie_1119bToday we’re launching a major update to the Internet Explorer version of Glue. The new version of Glue for IE integrates with the new

Working across hundreds of popular sites about movies, books, music, and more, the new version of Glue for IE provides in context suggestions, friend reviews, clips and a way to quickly build a taste profile to get better suggestions.

In Context Suggestions

When you visit books or movies, music or tv shows, Glue appears automatically on the page to show other items that you may enjoy.


Friend Reviews


Glue appears to show you filtered reviews from friends, regardless of the website visited. If you visit a movie on Netflix you can see friend reviews even if they were left on Wikipedia or Amazon.


Glue for IE now includes the new tooltips. When looking at an item, Glue for IE makes useful info across the web accessible from the current page. Watch movie trailers, listen to songs, access Amazon reviews, browse inside the books - and more!

Taste Profile


As you browse popular sites, click the LIKE button to personalize your profile. You’ll get personalized suggestions and a central place to access your saved items.

Glue for IE is now functionally identical to Glue for Firefox. Get Glue for IE from the add-on gallery or the GetGlue homepage.


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Glue is about sharing tastes about everyday things across a number of categories. The category stickers are fun to collect and reward activity. More importantly, the category stickers quickly signal your interests to Glue users. For example, these stickers tell us that Dan loves movies but Deborah loves books.

Category stickers are earned based on the number of likes within a category or group of categories. There are levels for these achievements: 10, 50, 100, 250, 1000, and 2500.

There are 6 category stickers:

Book Worm (books)

Radio Head (artists + albums)

Couch Potato (tv shows)

Movie Buff (movies + movie stars)

Geek (gadgets + games)

Foodie (restaurants + wine)

The Explorer sticker is a compliment to the category stickers. It’s earned by having a like across all of the categories.

There you have it - Category and Explorer stickers. Happy hunting! We’ve seen a few 1000 category stickers but are still searching for the first 2500 one. Will it be you?

Aside: there has been some chatter about a Sticker List. Patience my young Padawans. As we mentioned in the intial post, we will be introducing all stickers via the blog.


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There has been a lot of buzz about stickers since the launch. This is fantastic and we’re glad that people are enjoying the dynamic of stickers in Glue.

Within Glue stickers are fun and special. As you do certain things on and via the Glue add-on you will earn stickers that help reveal your personality, highlight your tastes and reward your activity in Glue.

There are basic stickers, the kind that reward simple activity and are easy to get. There are also advanced stickers, which take time to earn and reward bigger achievements (some have yet to be discovered!).

We’re going to use the blog to tell you more about stickers and introduce you to new ones as time goes by. Subscribe today and ensure that you stay up-to-date!

The Bootcamp Sticker

The Bootcamp sticker rewards people for  doing the training required to become familiar with, and get the most from, Glue.

To earn Bootcamp a user must unlock their personalized stream of suggestions, find friends on Glue, and add the browser add-on.

Have you earned Bootcamp yet? If not, better get back to basic training!

Stay tuned for insight on other stickers. Also, let us know what you think about stickers. Do you have any ideas for a new sticker?


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How do we add Glue to our site?” has become a common question from publishers, media companies, authors and bloggers.

Current partners who have added Glue to their site include: The Huffington Post, Random House, The NY Times, O’Reilly Media, various Hearst properties, Unbridled Books, hundreds of best-selling authors like Tyler Cowan, and thousands of blogs such as AVC.

This post identifies the various options for implementing Glue on a website (examples are at the end of the post).

Despite the type of integration, the benefits to the site owner are consistent - increases to user experience, affiliate sales, and time-on-site.

(1) Book Widgets: this implementation is ideal for authors, publishers, and sites looking to promote and sell more books via their site. Email support AT for your free Book Widget.

(2) Personalized Widgets: add your personal Amazon Wishlist, Top Artist list, or Netflix Queue to your site by grabbing a personalized widget from our Widget Gallery with 2 clicks.

(3) Glue for Links: Glue will appear automatically when you link to books, movies, and music on hundreds of popular sites after you add Glue for Links with a single click.

(4) AB Meta: Have the Glue bar appear on your book, movie and music pages by adding AB Meta to your meta headers.


Book Widget

Personalized Widget

Glue for Links

Lost Symbol

Iron Man

In Rainbows

If you have any questions - or custom requests - please do contact us:


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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of, a social recommendation network for movies, books, music, and other everyday things.

There are four major parts to the release: personalized suggestion streams, GetGlue profiles, Stickers and Guru, and an update to the Glue browser add-on. Here’s a 60 second introduction to

(1) Personalized Suggestion Stream:

Once logged-in, the homepage becomes a continuous stream of suggestions. The suggestions are based on personal tastes, friend favorites, and what’s popular with everyone. As Glue users interact with movies, books and music on and hundreds of popular sites across the web, the stream updates with fresh, personalized suggestions.

(2) GetGlue Profiles:

GetGlue profiles are the easiest way for individuals to collect and share the movies, books, and music that they like. When looking at another user’s profile, common interests are quickly seen and it’s straight forward to discover new things through them.

(3) Stickers and Guru:

Users are rewarded with a variety of stickers for their efforts and achievements on Glue. It’s also possible to be recognized as the Guru of specific books, movies and music. There can only be one Guru per item, so users will have to work for the honor.

(4) Updated Browser Add-on:

The new Glue add-on appears on hundreds of popular sites about movies, books, music, and more. The add-on appears to provide in context suggestions, friend reviews, clips, and a way to quickly build a taste profile to get better suggestions.

Get Glue and Find Your Next Favorite Thing.

We hope you find this release as exciting as we do! Thank you to everyone in the Glue community for your insight and support, we couldn’t have built this without your guidance.

Please sign-up for your account and start personalizing your suggestions at We look forward to your feedback on the new!

Suggestion Stream
Glue Add-on

Here’s some press covering this announcement:

  • Techcrunch: “GetGlue has the power to create a stream of personalized recommendations around social products, such as movies, books and music.”
  • Mashable: “The suggestion engine aspect of the site now really adds a lot of value — especially if you are frequently looking for cool things.”
  • The Next Web: “If you have been using Glue, this is going to be a major treat, so get over there, and get some tips on what you will like, that you have not discovered yet.”
  • CNET: “Today, Glue is adding a more traditional profile-based system to the site, which provides more incentives for users to contribute regularly.”
  • ReadWriteWeb: “The result is friendly competition, increased interactions, and a very sticky website that’s compelling and entertaining for even the least technical end user.”
  • Lifehacker: “Glue packs in quite a few features on top of just suggesting new things, including movie previews and integration with popular sites like and”

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We’re pleased to announce that as of today new Glue tooltips are integrated into all of our widgets across the web.

More than 30,000 Glue widgets are live on more than 10,000 blog and major publishing partner sites, including Random House, NY Times, Hearst properties, O’Reilly Media, and hundreds of bestselling authors from all major book publishers.

The new tooltips expand the Glue network and increase user experience, conversion, and time-on-site for our partners.

The main tab of the tooltip is complimented by category specific secondary tabs. For example, book tooltips provide a way to browse inside of the book, links to purchase the book, and in-place Amazon reviews. Movie tooltips provide an in-place trailer, Rotten Tomatos summary and links to purchase or rent the movie.

The tooltips are integrated into book widgets, popular widgets and Glue for your blog.

Lost Symbol

Iron Man

In Rainbows

We’re thrilled to bring the tooltips to our widgets and provide you with a better experience as you browse the web. If you’re interested in widgets for your site please contact us at support AT getglue DOT com.

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