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Expedition Impossible

Remember the days when summer TV meant only reruns? We’re glad they’re gone, too, especially with the launch of two new ABC shows Expedition Impossible and Combat Hospital. Checking-in to these series through our apps or our site can earn you stickers. Combat Hospital premieres tonight at 10/9, while Expedition Impossible stars on Thursday night at 9/8c. GetGlue and ABC

Set in a military hospital in Afghanistan, Combat Hospital is a medical drama where the stakes are high. The doctors in the Kandahar war zone don’t just carry stethoscopes; they carry guns. The series makes its premiere tonight at 10/9c.

The setting for Expedition Impossible is equally far flung–Morocco–but this reality show is more about adventure. Thirteen teams of three people each will compete to win cash as they travel across the beautiful country, contending with each other–and the camels they have to ride. Expedition Impossible premieres Thursday at 9/8c.

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