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Since the blurry days of Pong in the 1970s, video games have cast a spell over society. Whole days have been spent by kids (and even more often adults) carving out cities for sims; recreating games of Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys; or fighting villains and creatures in hellscapes past, present, and apocalyptic future. Whether you’re a lifetime gamer — born with a joystick in your hands — or a newbie gadget hound who simply loves shooting Angry Birds on your iPad, GetGlue has some fun for you.

The experts here at GetGlue have pored over the past three decades of video games to create lists tailored to all sorts of players. From Action, Driving, and First Person Shooters for the adrenaline junkies among us to Strategy, RPGs, and Sandbox titles for those who are more enamored with worlds that explore the nether regions of the mind.

There’s a Sports category for those who every year fiend for the newest models of Madden and MLB The Show, and a Classics feature for those who fondly recall the games of their youth (be your childhood the time of Zelda and Sonic or the olden days of Space Invaders and Pitfall!).

So, go, rate, explore, and remember with GetGlue’s new Video Games Essential Lists. As always, if there’s a game that you think is missing or anything you feel does not belong, please let us know your thoughts, and subscribe to our Twitter feed @GetGlue for all our essential list updates.


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“Thriller” is an amorphous term that somehow simultaneously wraps its slippery arms around such disparate films as Memento, The Sixth Sense, and The Third Man. It crosses other genres, seeping into drama, crime, horror, science fiction, and even the occasional comedy, bringing tension and suspense with it. Our updated list of Essential Thriller Movies features more of the films that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Unsurprisingly, master of suspense Alfred Hitchock rules the list, and the sublime Notorious and North by Northwest join classics such as Rear Window, Vertigo, and Strangers on a Train. We’ve also added the unsettling 1955 French film Diabolique (a project that Hitchcock wanted to direct) as well as Dressed to Kill, a sexed-up homage to the filmmaker’s work from Brian DePalma.

We have the jump-worthy scares from Jaws and The Silence of the Lambs right next to the thought-provoking tension from The Prestige and The Conversation. The Charles Laughton film Night of the Hunter many not have the gore of Seven, but Robert Mitchum’s performance is sure to leave you just as disturbed.

Did we leave off your favorite thriller? Think Zodiac deserves a spot on the list?  Wonder if it’s just too soon for Shutter Island to be called an essential? Check out the full list of the top thriller films, and let us know your thoughts. As always, subscribe to our Twitter feed @GetGlue for all our essential list updates.


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Comedy has been a constant force in television from its radio-birthed infancy to today, but its popularity has waxed and waned over the years. Though there may be fewer TV comedies on the air today than in decades past, it’s hard to deny the genre’s endurance. Even though reality series may rack up the ratings, comedy reigns on GetGlue, and the essential comedy TV shows is one of our most popular lists.

To keep up with your love of laughs, we revamped our list to reflect the shows that are the best — and the best-loved — in the comedy genre. There are the oldies-but-goodies, the new favorites we can’t wait for new episodes to arrive on Hulu, and the cult shows that we missed the first time around (but caught via DVD). We’ve also merged our old “Sitcoms” list into this one to ensure all your favorites are in one spot.


Of course, the mega-popular shows are all here, from the misanthropic mischief of Seinfeld to the decade-defining Friends. In its era, smart satire M*A*S*H reigned in its fatigues and scrubs, while current hit The Big Bang Theory keeps millions laughing today.

freaks_and_geeksSome less popular — but no less loved — series are must-sees on the list as well. The postmodern perfection of Arrested Development’s lasted for just three years, but that seems like decades compared to the eighteen-episode run of the perfectly nostalgic (or maybe it’s just plain perfect) Freaks and Geeks. Sports Night and Flight of the Conchords got in two seasons each, but it’s about quality, not quantity, here.

We wouldn’t have newer favorites such as The Simpsons and Family Guy without the working class charm of The Honeymooners‘ Ralph Kramden, and the strong center of I Love Lucy paved the way for everything from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to Roseanne (which were both influencers in their own rights). Shows like All in the Family, Will & Grace, and Chappelle’s Show also blazed new trails in a different way, but never at the expense of laughs.

how_i_met_your_motherWe’ve got traditional, multi-camera sitcoms such as The Golden Girls, How I Met Your Mother, and Frasier, but single-camera comedy fans should be sated by the presence of  Malcolm in the MiddleScrubs, and Entourage. Families can sit down to episodes of The Cosby Show and The Wonder Years, but you might want to keep kids away from Weeds, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Curb Your Enthusiasm — though that might create a sitcom-like situation of its own.

Be sure to rate all your favorites at this list of essential TV comedies, and let us know what you think of our picks. Angry over the absence of Murphy Brown? Can’t believe we included Two and a Half Men? Think we listed the wrong Neil Patrick Harris show? Suit up, and comment below.

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This isn’t about Team Edward or Team Jacob; it’s about what scares you. Are you a horror fan who likes the classics, or do you crave the energy of a modern remake? Do the lumbering undead freeze you with fear, or is it the running, Boyle-ized zombies that have you planning shots to the head? Are you in line for the latest 3-D blockbuster, or do you plan late-night viewings of a cult classic that you’re proud to introduce to your friends?

There are as many types of horror movies as there are horror fans, and our update of our list of essential horror films celebrates many of them. Our original list had great picks such as modern masterpiece The Descent, classic creeper The Shining, and anxiety upper Audition, but we’re editing and expanding our selection to feature the movies you have to know to consider yourself a horror aficionado.


Our film-loving users provide many of the new additions with titles from the Favorite Movies List. The chest-burstingly awesome Alien is a newcomer to our list, as is the genre-bender American Psycho. Two gleefully gory films that are popular with our users — Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive and Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2were missing from our original selections, but we can’t imagine a horror fan who would argue with their inclusion here.  Just try it, but not before watching the blood-bathed lawnmower scene in Dead Alive. You’ll pay someone to do your yard work in the future.

zombieland-woody-harrelsonThe neo-classic zom-com Shaun of the Dead is no longer the only horror comedy on the list. It’s  joined by last year’s freakishly funny Zombieland, as well as the wonderfully weird Bubba Ho-Tep. The only thing better than Bruce Campbell playing an aging Elvis who has to battle a cowboy-hat clad mummy is listening to the DVD commentary that the B-movie king does…in character.

We traded out a few remakes for the original classics that still haunt us, such as John Carpenter’s Halloween and Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, we couldn’t get rid of Zack Snyder’s take on Dawn of the Dead, which battles Dead Alive for the best zombie baby scene.

There are new favorites, such as the moody Swedish offering Let the Right One In from 2008 and Raimi’s return to form Drag Me to Hell from 2009. But we also added a few films that scared your grandparents: F.W. Murnau’s silent shocker Nosferatu and James Whale’s classic 1931 film Frankenstein. The 1970s are well represented by creepy kid film The Omen and Dario Argento’s giallo gem Suspiria.

the-orphanage-posterOther foreign favorites such as Ji-Woon Kim’s A Tale of Two Sisters, Juan Antonio Bayona’s The Orphanage, and Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone are included on the new list. If you’re not too scared to keep your eyes open to read the subtitles, we promise you’ll be converted to the merits of foreign-language horror.

Like all of our top lists, our complete list of the essential horror films is an evolving beast (perhaps a werewolf in this case?), and we rely on your input to make it as good as possible. Angry that there’s only one George A. Romero film? Can’t believe we included The Ring and not Ringu? Comment below and be sure to follow all our updates on Twitter @GetGlue.


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