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calendar-021609We previously shared a list of blogs and mainstream media that provide start-up PR coverage. PR is a good way to attract users and keep the start-up on everyone’s radar. Additionally, we have shared a list of conferences taking place in 2009. Conferences provide a good way to connect with influential people involved in a focused area from across the country.

This post will list the best tech events that are held in major US cities. These community events are a good way for a start-up to reach a broader group of individuals who use web apps but do not attend conferences or actively read tech blogs.

How the list was built:

We searched popular sites like Meetup and Eventbrite as well as aggregate sites like Gary’s Guide to collect a long list of unqualified events. We then filtered the list via local knowledge by turning to our community and network.

The list below is incomplete. Help us refine it by sharing your thoughts in the comments. We’ll update the list as suggestions come in.

Top Tech Events in Austin

Top Tech Events in Baltimore

Top Tech Events in Boston

Top Tech Events in Boulder / Denver

Top Tech Events in Chicago

  • Net Tuesday: 2nd Tuesday of the month, 30 attendees
  • TechCocktail: events scheduled throughout the year, > 250 attendees

Top Tech Events in Detroit

Top Tech Events in Houston

Top Tech Events in Los Angeles

Top Tech Events in Miami

Top Tech Events in Minneapolis

Top Tech Events in NYC

Top Tech Events in Philadelphia

Top Tech Events in Phoenix

Top Tech Events in Pittsburgh

  • Blogfest: events scheduled throughout the year, 40 attendees
  • Technology Council: events scheduled throughout the year, 40 attendees

Top Tech Events in Portland

Top Tech Events in San Diego

Top Tech Events in SF / Silicon Valley

Top Tech Events in Seattle

Top Tech Events in Washington DC

What did we miss?

Assembling this list took a lot of work. Thanks to all of our friends who helped us identify the top events in their local city.

There’s only one thing that we’re certain of at this point - the list is incomplete. Help us finish it! What’s the best event in your city? Leave it in the comments and we’ll update the post based on your feedback.


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