New GetGlue Features: Real-time Conversation, Share to Tumblr and Widgets

by Alex on October 24, 2011 · Comments

1. Real-time Conversation

Feel like shouting when your favorite team scores? Want to comment on Snooki’s dress? Have something to say about a contestant on X Factor? The new GetGlue Conversation experience helps you do exactly that. After you check-in, the Conversation connects you in real-time to your with friends and other fans checked-into the same thing.

GetGlue: Real-time Conversation

The Conversation is smart. It shows all comments from your friends, but only interesting comments from other fans. The Conversation also shows you filtered Tweets, so you can stay on top of on what is going on Twitter without leaving GetGlue. The Conversation updates in real-time - as the new Interesting Comments show up, you will see the update notification.

You can use the Conversation to vote and reply to friends and other fans, and even to reply to Tweets. You can post your own comments without having to check-in again.

To sum up, the Conversation on GetGlue is the best way to experience Social TV while watching a show or sporting event.

2. Share to Tumblr

GetGlue: Share To Tumblr

Many of you have expressed interest in sharing GetGlue check-ins and reviews to your Tumblr blogs. We have now integrated Tumblr along with Facebook and Twitter and made sharing very easy. To connect your Tumblr, click the check box beneath the check-in box.. First time, you need to sign in to Tumblr, and link it to GetGlue. If you have multiple Tumblr blogs you will be able to select the one where you want GetGlue to post. And thats all, now you can share any check-in to Tumblr.

The best part about the integration is how the check-ins appear on Tumblr - they are beautiful. We love Tumblr for its simplicity and beauty and focus on self-expression. We choose to make check-ins big and focused on the show or movie you are checking into. Each post also will show your comment and number of other people checked-in right now. This is what the post looks like:

GetGlue: Tumblr Post

2. Check-in and Sticker Widgets

Also in this update, cool widgets featuring your check-ins and stickers. The widgets can be embedded into Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress - any blog or web site. You can grab your personalized widgets from the settings page. The widgets will automatically update to show your latest activity on GetGlue. The check-in widget will show the full entry of your most recent check-in, and below it will show the grid of the recent things you’ve been checking into. The sticker widget shows 9 recent stickers you unlocked. Both widgets link to your profile and show the total count of your GetGlue check-ins and stickers. We think these widgets are easily the coolest bling to stick on your blog and a great way to showcase your entertainment tastes and fandom.

GetGlue Widgets

We hope you enjoy using these features as much as we enjoyed building them. And as always, we look forward to your feedback.


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