GetGlue TV Charts: Top 10 Shows and Premieres in September

by Alex on October 6, 2011 · Comments

We are getting a lot of fascinating data about TV checkins and are going to start publishing top checked-in shows every month.

This September, Big Bang Theory takes the cake. The show returned to CBS and also went into syndication. GetGlue had rewards from Warner Bros TV for checking into the syndicated episodes. In the second place is True Blood, which also dominated this summer with over 500,000 check-ins. The finale, where Vampires finale settled the score with witches saw over 20,000 check-ins. Impressive as it is, still it felt short of the 40,000 check-ins premier back in June. Not surprisingly Glee and Doctor Who are also on the top of the list. Both of these shows are known for being social and having rabid GetGlue fans.

getglue top 10 shows sep 2011

In terms of Networks, that made it into the top 10, FOX is the biggest network with 3 shows followed by CW with 2 shows. Breaking down the data by genre, we see the geeks rule all around as wonderfully nerdy shows from The Big Bang Theory to sci-fi favorites Doctor Who and Fringe dominate our charts. But don’t forget other genre fare: the undead of True Blood and Vampire Diaries aren’t too far behind, along with Supernatural. Our users also seem to have a song in their hearts with the continuing popularity of Glee and Dancing with the Stars.

This month is the launch of Fall TV season, so we pulled together two more charts. The first chart shows most checked-in to premiers for new shows and the second chart shows the most checked-in to premiers of the returning shows.

getglue top 10 new shows premiers sep 2011

getglue top 10 returning show premiers sep 2011

For the new shows, the biggest premiers were New Girl and Tera Nova. In terms of the networks, ABC wins this category with 4 new shows, and both FOX and CW had 3 hits in the top 10. Note that all these shows run promotions for GetGlue fans. For the returning shows, Big Bang Theory had significant lead over Glee, which in turn had a big lead over the Dancing with Stars. Comedies topped the returning list.

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