GetGlue and DIRECTV Integrate Social Experience Into TV Screen and Second Screen Apps

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For the past several months we’ve been working with our friends at DIRECTV to create the next generation Social TV experience that makes it easier for you to share what you’re watching and see what your friends are viewing in real-time.

Starting today, we are happy proud to announce that we’re bringing this experience to our users. DIRECTV has officially integrated GetGlue into their set-top boxes and iPad application. Kudos to DIRECTV for being the first pay TV provider to natively integrate the GetGlue check-in experience and friend streams – directly on your TV screen.

We’ve also enhanced our iPhone app experience for DIRECTV customers, as GetGlue for iPhone now synchronizes with DIRECTV. By pairing up our iPhone app with your set-top box, GetGlue will automatically detect what is playing on DIRECTV. You no longer need to search for the show, just tap and check-in. It’s that simple.

These integrations make it fun for you to experience the power of Social TV in action.

The video below illustrates how these integrations work:

The new first screen experience created by DIRECTV is elegant and light. Typing in via remote is tricky, so they streamlined the check-in by giving you a set of preset messages. But our favorite part of the integration is the Friends stream, which allows you to see what your friends are watching, browse through their recent check-ins and jump to whatever show they’re watching simply by tapping their entry.

This is a great example of Social TV in action. Now your friends are your guide to choose what to watch next.

The synchronization between GetGlue’s iPhone app and DIRECTV is also elegant and simple. Many of you enjoy the GetGlue music check-in experience, which works by detecting what is playing on your iPod. We built the integration with DIRECTV using the same principles. 

Once you pair up the GetGlue app with your DIRECTV box, the show you are watching will automatically appear under “Now playing on DIRECTV” anytime you hit the GetGlue check-in button. The GetGlue app does the work for you, pre-filling the show and removing the extra step of searching for the show you’re watching. 

If you have DIRECTV, please give it a try and let us know what you think.

GetGlue Check-in Experience on DIRECTV Screen:

GetGlue Friends’ Stream on DIRECTV Screen:

Now playing on DIRECTV on GetGlue iPhone app:

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