Introducing GetGlue for Business:
a marketing dashboard for TV shows

by Alex on September 8, 2011 · Comments

Open for Business This summer has been amazing for GetGlue. First, we reached 1.5M users, saw 130% growth in check-ins and have partnered with more than 40 major TV networks.

Secondly, we have been working on something pretty cool - a new way for networks to engage and reward fans on GetGlue. Today we are delighted to announce the beta launch of - a dashboard that helps TV networks connect with their fans.

With GetGlue for Business, the networks can verify their accounts on GetGlue, setup pages, add social media links, manage stickers, create specials, and see stats.

Specials and Stickers

We are introducing new, powerful ways to reward GetGlue users by creating specials. Current examples of specials include online discounts, retail coupons, and exclusive content. Any special can be ongoing or tied to a specific period of time. Once pushed out, the special instantly appears on GetGlue apps and pages on

The specials can be unlocked using a variety of mechanics and tiers of participation. Specials can be attached to a check-in or a sticker. There is also a way to have specials that unlock for Fans, Superfans, and, of course, the Guru. For example, HBO created a special to reward everyone who unlocks all 12 episode stickers for True Blood with a 30% discount at their store.

We are also adding a way to view and manage stickers. You can see a list of the stickers coming this week and next (and check for any errors!). There is also a way to edit the name, description, and the timing of the sticker. In the next release there will be a way to create new stickers from scratch.

Verified Accounts, Pages, and Stats

At the time of launch, we have created and verified accounts for 10 major networks including USA, Discovery, HBO and Oxygen.

All business accounts on GetGlue need to be verified. You can get that done by sending an email to with your information including the pages you need to manage. Once the account is verified, you can configure all your pages using the dashboard. There is an easy way to update images, descriptions, as well as your other social media presences. You can fill in proper Twitter handles and hashtags, so that all check-ins from GetGlue are Twitter search friendly.

After you setup your pages you will get engagement stats sliced by day, week or month. The stats screen will break out total check-ins and stickers unlocked and will also display the social media reach across Facebook and Twitter.

Engaging with users on GetGlue

Another really cool thing about GetGlue business accounts is that they are just like regular GetGlue accounts. They have a profile and can check-in and interact with other users on the service. With this, we give brands a simple and direct way to interact with their fans around every show. The conversation is already happening, so it is easy and simple to participate. You can now encourage fans to follow your account on GetGlue, check-in to promote your shows, and facilitate the conversation.

What’s next?

Next, we are working to enable movie studios and music labels to use this platform. We expect this to be available in Q4. We are also working on a lot of interesting features for v2 to further strengthen the presence of entertainment brands on GetGlue and to help them reach and reward their fans.

Here is the link to our official announcement.


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