GetGlue Summer Stats: 130% Growth, record 11.7M Check-ins in August

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With the fall TV season just around the corner the GetGlue crew has recapped all the action during this summer.  What a summer it was - exciting tv, action-packed movies, soulful music, fun festivals and a TON of check-ins.  We were excited to see 5M check-ins, and then saw 7M in June, 9M in July and 11.5M Check-ins in August.  That is 130% Growth in just 3 months!  Also since the beginning of the year GetGlue check-ins have grown a whooping 800% Here is a chart that shows the growth:

GetGlue Check-in Growth

GetGlue now has over 1.5M users and has a database of over 200M ratings, reviews and check-ins. In August alone GetGlue users liked 10M things, left 3M comments and overall generated over 23M data points about their entertainment tastes.

GetGlue Summer TV

This summer 17 major networks and DirecTV rewarded GetGlue fans for checking-in: ABC, ABC News, ABC Family, AMC, DirectTV, Discovery, FOX, FX, HBO, MTV, Oxygen, Showtime, Spike, Starz, TVLand, Travel, TNT, USA.  Here is a chart showing top 10 shows this summer by number of check-ins:

Top 10 Shows on GetGlue: Summer 2011

Here are some fun facts about GetGlue Summer TV:

  • HBO gave out 60 bottles of True Blood to fans before the season premiere
  • True Blood Season 4 premiere, was the biggest so far with 40K check-ins
  • Shark Week from Discovery saw over 150K check-ins
  • Verizon sponsored rewards for Glee Project on Oxygen
  • Gatorade sponsored rewards for So You Think on Can Dance on FOX
  • TNT and USA rewarded fans of ALL their summer shows
  • GetGlue launched first international partnership with Channel 4 in UK
  • ABC News promoted GetGlue on air both on Good Morning America and Nightline
  • FOX promoted GetGlue during MLB all star game
  • Over dozen shows encouraged fans to check-in via on-air snipes

GetGlue promo on No Reservations

GetGlue Summer Movies

GetGlue also had rewards for all summer blockbusters including Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Hangover 2, Captain America and Kung Fu Panda.  Here is a chart showing top 10 Movies on GetGlue this summer:

Top 10 Movies on GetGlue: Summer 2011

Here are some fun facts about GetGlue Summer Movies:

  • Rewards for all top 10 highest grossing movies
  • During Harry Potter opening weekend GetGlue had 2x the ratings than IMDB
  • Harry Potter set the all time check-in record on GetGlue with over 170K check-ins
  • Entertainment Weekly and HTC rewarded movie fans with free movie tickets every day for 2 months
  • Merchandise specials for King Fu Panda 2, Winnie the Pooh, Cars 2, One Day, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
  • Summit entertainment launched a big promotion for upcoming Twilight movie

More GetGlue Summer Fun

TV and Movies were big for GetGlue this summer and so were music and festivals.  We launched new official rewards for fans of Lady Gaga, Rihanna (free tour tickets), The Voice (free backstage passes), Ryan Seacrest (rewards for listening to the radio show), John Legend, Counting Crows, Greyson Chance and 30 Seconds to Mars.

GetGlue Music Stickers

GetGlue also has partnered with 9 different networks and movie studios for Comic Con.  Universal Pictures offered tickets to the Cowboys & Aliens premiere via GetGlue as well as free merchandise, Showtime offered discounts at their store, HBO offered True Blood merchandise via GetGlue and FX fans checked-in at panels via QR code.

Summer Fun with Stickers

It is no secret that GetGlue fans love unlocking stickers, and we love seeing what people do with stickers. There is so much creativity and fun that is happening as the sticker envelopes make their way around the globe. Thousands of fans submitted their pictures of GetGlue stickers for our weekly Sticker Picture of the Week contest.  Here is latest winner and you can see the full gallery here:

GetGlue Sticker Picture of the week

We had fantastic summer and now are looking forward to the Fall. We have a lot of exciting announcements coming, so please stay tuned!

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