Checkin is not Dead. GetGlue sees 55% increase in checkins in April.

by Alex on May 3, 2011 · Comments

Mark Watkins recently wrote a provocative post on ReadWriteWeb declaring that 2011 is the year the check-in died. We watched the ensuing debate with interest, particularly because we knew that April was shaping up to be the biggest month for entertainment check-ins on GetGlue.

Indeed when we tallied up the numbers, there were over 4 million checkins in April on GetGlue, a 55% increase from March. While the relative jump is huge, it does not tell the whole story. Since introducing the concept of checking-in to entertainment in June 2010, the month over month acceleration in check-in activity confirms growing consumer interest in the emerging entertainment check-in market.

Growth of GetGlue Checkins

Our first milestone came in September 2010, when, in just 4 months we went from 0 check-ins to 1 million. 7 months after that initial milestone, we have experienced growth of 400%.

At a recent press event in New York, we explained that the check-in is the first, most basic gesture of social entertainment. The check-in provides the context that value is delivered against. Conversations around entertainment consumption is arguably the most important value provided on GetGlue. A check-in is the invitation to a conversation.

As users check-in and share what they’re watching, reading, and listening to, these conversations have been taking place on GetGlue. In April, GetGlue users posted millions of comments, replies, and votes in response to check-ins from their friends, growing more than 50% since March.

Additionally, GetGlue check-ins are helping to stimulate conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Every day in April, over 50,000 shares went from GetGlue to Facebook and Twitter, seeding the entertainment conversation to 40 million friends and followers. Facebook Insights reports an average Feedback per Share greater than 20 for check-ins published across user’s News Feeds.

On the heels of the 1M user and 100M data point announcement, this acceleration in key metrics further validates the growing consumer interest in the social entertainment market. And since it all starts with the check-in, a metric that rose more than 55% in the past month, the check-in is far from dead.

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