AdaptiveBlue’s SmartLinks Automatically Make Links More Useful

by Fraser on October 23, 2007 · 17 comments

Today we’re releasing something new, SmartLinks that automatically deliver relevant information from the best sites on the web right to your blog, allowing your blog’s readers to discover, explore, connect, and browse smarter without navigating away from your content.

To see an example simply click on the SmartLink (the blue icon) next to the link for this music album: Kanye West - Graduation

Our product intelligently analyzes each link, understanding what the object is, and for supported sites a SmartLink is automatically inserted next to the embedded link. In the example above I simply linked like I normally would to Amazon and the SmartLink was automatically inserted.

When the SmartLink icon is clicked a pane is launched that includes relevant content from across the web that’s populated using semantic understanding of the original link.

Let’s take a look at all that’s included in the pane:

Kanye West - SmartLink Pane

SmartLinks automatically (and instantly) make your links more useful by:

  • Letting your readers explore. Instantly connect your readers to related information: the best album reviews from across the web, music videos from the album, lyrics, find more music by the same artist.
  • Giving your readers choice. Everyone has a favorite site so give your readers the option to buy the album or find additional information from the site of their choosing. Also let them save the album to their favorite bookmarking service.
  • Bringing your readers previews. For each link the readers automatically get thumbnail images, descriptions and summaries.

Additionally, BlueOrganizer users (we had our millionth download this weekend!) can save the album, making it instantly available in the familiar BlueOrganizer sidebar interface.

Want to monetize all of your content, including your old archives? SmartLinks make this simple and automatic - your Amazon Associate ID is connected to every Amazon link in the SmartLink pane, creating many more ways to earn affiliate revenue from your posts.

The nice thing? All of this information is automatically presented to your site’s readers, and the contextually relevant information of the SmartLink changes based on the subject matter of each link. That is, this book’s SmartLink pane is different from the album SmartLink above, including information that is contextually right for a book.

The great thing? All of this occurs through one-click installs for TypePad and Blogger, a downloadable plugin for Wordpress, or a single line of code copied and pasted into blog or website templates. To turn on SmartLinks on your blog or website click here.

Before you integrate SmartLinks into your site, you can check out how your blog would look with SmartLinks via the SmartLinks Preview that can be found on the homepage.

SmartLinks appear automatically when you link to books on Amazon, movies on Netflicx, stocks on Google Finance, Restaurants on CitySearch and dozens of other cool sites. You can see the list here.

We’d like to thank the amazing beta testers we had for this release - your patience, feedback, and insight was incredibly valuable.

Check out the new SmartLinks. They’re dead easy to turn on and are a great way to instantly bring additional value to your posts. To connect your Amazon Associate ID to SmartLinks simply insert the following script next to your SmartLink code:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
blueAmazonId = “my-affiliate-code”;

Here’s an early review: Read/WriteWeb.

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howard lindzon October 23, 2007 at 12:43 am

awesome stuff guys

Fraser October 23, 2007 at 11:00 am

One of our excellent beta testers (they were all excellent), Darren, has a nice post up on the new SmartLinks and how they can specifically be used by indie musicians to help reach new users. Check it out.

And Darren, thanks again for all support during the beta.

Neil Bain October 25, 2007 at 3:26 am

Great tool… BUT!

It appears that AdaptiveBlue is dependant on google-analytics for any link to be followed. The role of google-analytics in tracking a users movements should be made explicit.

If a version could be released that works for us paranoid types who have disabled unwanted scripts like google-analytics you will gain at least one more fan!

Alex October 25, 2007 at 9:51 am


Thanks for asking the question.

- We do use Google analytics to track clicks, but not random click stream - a contextual, semantic clicks on books, music, movies, etc.

- We use the information to better understand what is popular and to improve the overall experience for everyone. If we have stuff in the pane that no one ever uses, we want to know about it and replace it.

- Just like BlueOrganizer has personalized menu, which is based on your browsing history, SmartLinks will be soon personalized as well. In order to be intelligent and helpful, we need to know what is clicked on.

To sum up. The tracking is aimed at improving the user experience, both individual and collective. For more details and fine print please read our terms of service and license.

Thank you!


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