GetGlue launches Sports Check-ins and Foursquare Integration

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We are very excited to announce a major new release of the GetGlue web site and iPhone app, featuring a complete redesign, Sports check-ins and Foursquare integration. We’ve been working on this release since the beginning of the year and can’t wait for all of you to try it out.

1. Sports Check-ins

Every day we are getting emails and tweets from you asking us to expand the types of content for you to check-in to. Sports is definitely one of the most requested categories. No wonder: sports, evokes a lot of passion and emotion and is a highly social experience. We decided to make sports a primary category; even though most people watch sports on TV, we felt like Sports is huge and deserves its own button on the Home screen.

You can now check-in to your favorite team and share with your friends that you are watching a game or event. The check-in experience is the same as GetGlue check-ins for TV shows, movies and music. By checking in repeatedly to your favorite sport/team or event, you can level up to become a GetGlue Fan and Superfan, earn stickers and become the Guru.

In addition to launching Sports button, we are also announcing rewards from sports leagues and sports networks. At launch, you will be able to earn rewards from NHL (NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs), Turner Sports (NCAA Tournament), FOX Sports (MLB and NASCAR events), HBO Sports, Showtime Sports, NFL Network, Speed, FOX Soccer Channel, FOX College Sports, Fuel TV and the Big Ten Network.

2. Foursquare Integration

Another major feature in this release is the ability to share your location to Foursquare with each check-in. This integration enables a cool new use case: ability to check-in to content at a location. For example, with GetGlue you can now check-in and share that you are:

  • Watching The King’s Speech @ AMC Theatre
  • Listening to Maroon 5 @ Madison Square Garden
  • Reading The Hunger Games @ New York Public Library
  • Watching San Antonio Spurs @ John’s Sports Bar
  • Thinking about Albert Einstein @ Princeton University

GetGlue Foursquare Integration

Checking-in to content and location is both meaningful and convenient. A lot of times you want to share what you are doing at the location, and this release of GetGlue makes it really easy. First, you can select what you are doing and then you pick the location using Foursquare.

When you click the Share to Foursquare button, GetGlue will prompt you to sign into Foursquare. Then you can select your location via the familiar Foursquare screen. The check-in is posted to both GetGlue and Foursquare, making it easy to share with friends as well as get points and rewards on both networks.

The check-ins that have location associated with them will have a small location icon next to them, so you can easily tell them apart in the GetGlue streams.

3. New GetGlue iPhone app

In addition to Sports check-ins and Foursquare integration, every screen in GetGlue for iPhone has been redesigned. Here is what you are going to see as you are exploring the app:

New Check-in Screens

The check-in screen has a new look and includes Recent Activity, Fan Club, Specials, Available Stickers and a shortcut to Similar.

- Click Recent Check-ins to see the stream of people who just checked-in here. People you follow will show up first, so it’s easy to chat with friends while you are watching your favorite show.

- Specials include discounts and exclusive content. If there is a special for a show, a movie or an album, you will see it on this screen. You may see different kinds of specials: a special for all GetGlue users, something just for Fans or Superfans or a unique Guru special.

- Want to know what sticky goodness you can get here? Click the Exclusive Stickers to see the full list of currently available stickers.

The Check-in confirmation screen has also been redesigned to be more compact and informative. You can see how many others checked in, how many times you checked in here and how many points you earned.

If you unlock a sticker, it will show up here as well, and you will be able to click to the Sticker details screen. Also, the new check-in sequence makes it easier for you to Rate things you check-in to, write reviews and rate similar shows, movies and albums.

New Suggestions and Quick Rate Screens

The Suggestions screen is divided into 4 tabs: New, For You, Trending and Lists. Each week you will get fresh list of suggestions under New. These suggestions will show new movies, DVDs, albums and books ranked just for you, using the things you already rated. For You is also personalized and shows you most the recommended items based on your tastes.

The Trending tab displays what is popular for each category. You can see what show is #1 right now or which movie is trending in the theaters. The trends are refreshed every 10 minutes and take into account the check-ins from all GetGlue users. The Lists tab is helpful if you are in the mood for specific type of show, movie or music.

GetGlue Quick Rate

Quick Rate is also all new: a two-column grid, where you can quickly rate by tapping on the image or a Like button. You can also tap and hold to get a pop-up with more information and more rating choices.

And a whole lot more!

- The stream screen now toggles between of stream of check-ins and a stream of all other GetGlue activity. Now you can see likes, comments, replies, subscriptions and stickers — all in one place. Also, when you click inside each stream entry, you will be able to quickly reply, vote, explore things and people and quickly rate things.

- The profile screen has buttons with recent check-ins, stickers, guru, likes and all other stats. Clicking a button takes you to specific screen.

- The Home screen now includes a search button to help you search across different categories.

- Sticker screens feature larger images and show links to related stickers, so if you earn a sticker for a show, it is easy to see what other stickers are available. The sticker screens may also show specials. These specials are for earning a specific sticker and are different from the specials displayed on the check-in screen.

4. New

And last, but certainly not least, we are rolling out a major update to

GetGlue Home

- The Check-in unit is now prominent on the home page, making it really easy to check-in every time you come back to the site.

- The stream of people you follow takes up the entire content area of the home page, so you can see what your friends are watching, listening to and reading.

- The Suggestions UI has been redesigned to help you flip through new movies, albums and books using fun and simple sliding interface.

- Main navigation has been compacted and redesigned. You can click icons to go directly to your profile, messages and GetGlue options.

And there is much more that you will discover as you browse the site!

It has been very exciting for us to work on this release. We can’t wait to hear what you think. Please email us feedback to or tweet @getglue.

p.s. The updates for Android, iPad and BlackBerry are in the works. We appreciate your patience! We are also working to update the mobile site to be much more like the apps.

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