Bear Grylls is Back Tonight, and We’ve Got Stickers!

by kimber on February 17, 2011 · Comments

If your Thursday nights are lacking in adventure, take comfort in the knowledge that Man vs. Wild is back on Discovery Channel tonight at 9pm E/P. To celebrate Bear Grylls’s return–and the comfort of our own couches–GetGlue and Discovery are expanding their partnership to this jaw-dropping series, with a set of equally cool stickers to match. Watch the show Thursdays at 9pm and check-in through our apps or our website to start your Man vs. Wild sticker collection.

Man_Vs_Wild_GetGlueInspired by good old-fashioned merit badges, these stickers focus on Bear’s episodic feats during this new season. Parasite removal? Shudder…check. Insect eating? Gulp…check. Urine drinking? Umm…check. There are no limits to what Bear will do to survive, so the least you can do is tune in to Discovery Thursdays at 9pm and grab your mobile device or keyboard and check-in to show your support (and earn those stickers!).

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