GetGlue Scores First Sports Network Partnership with ESPN!

by kimber on October 28, 2010 · Comments

Why go for the field goal, when you can score the touchdown (with the two-point conversion)? For our first sports network partnership, we’re partnering with the biggest name in the business: ESPN. The premiere sports network has partnered with us for stickers for its Emmy-winning newsmagazine E:60.

E:60 goes beyond the scores to tell stories about sports that range from awe-inspiring (a young basketball player who forgives his father for stabbing him) to simply awesome (classic arcade gaming). Though pro sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and hockey figure strongly in its features, E:60 isn’t afraid to shed light on less-publicized sports (like alligator wrestling and flugtag).

Users who check-in to the show via our apps or our website can earn exclusive stickers starting with their first check-in to the series, and they can ascend the ranks from Rookie to All-star to Hall of Famer as they continue to watch the show and check-in. You can get a taste of the series at its official website, and it airs on ESPN  at 7pm Eastern on Tuesdays.

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