How to add things to GetGlue search

by Alex on July 26, 2010 · Comments

Here’s how to add items to GetGlu:

1) Go to and search for your item.

2) When it doesn’t find a match, it will return a page to help refine your search. Click on the category that the item falls under (such as a tv show, book, movie, etc.).

3) This will add it to GetGlue and allow it to be searchable.

If this doesn’t work, here’s another way to add items to GetGlue:

The browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox have one feature that a lot of you requested - adding things to GetGlue index.

Say you are searching for a movie and you can’t find it. Visit this movie page on IMDB or any other web site that GetGlue knows about. Then click the Glue bookmarklet and choose Add to Glue Index option. The movie will be instantly added to our index and if you search again there will be a match.

Add to Glue index

Please be sure to update your addons to try this out: Firefox and Chrome.


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