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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of, a social recommendation network for movies, books, music, and other everyday things.

There are four major parts to the release: personalized suggestion streams, GetGlue profiles, Stickers and Guru, and an update to the Glue browser add-on. Here’s a 60 second introduction to

(1) Personalized Suggestion Stream:

Once logged-in, the homepage becomes a continuous stream of suggestions. The suggestions are based on personal tastes, friend favorites, and what’s popular with everyone. As Glue users interact with movies, books and music on and hundreds of popular sites across the web, the stream updates with fresh, personalized suggestions.

(2) GetGlue Profiles:

GetGlue profiles are the easiest way for individuals to collect and share the movies, books, and music that they like. When looking at another user’s profile, common interests are quickly seen and it’s straight forward to discover new things through them.

(3) Stickers and Guru:

Users are rewarded with a variety of stickers for their efforts and achievements on Glue. It’s also possible to be recognized as the Guru of specific books, movies and music. There can only be one Guru per item, so users will have to work for the honor.

(4) Updated Browser Add-on:

The new Glue add-on appears on hundreds of popular sites about movies, books, music, and more. The add-on appears to provide in context suggestions, friend reviews, clips, and a way to quickly build a taste profile to get better suggestions.

Get Glue and Find Your Next Favorite Thing.

We hope you find this release as exciting as we do! Thank you to everyone in the Glue community for your insight and support, we couldn’t have built this without your guidance.

Please sign-up for your account and start personalizing your suggestions at We look forward to your feedback on the new!

Suggestion Stream
Glue Add-on

Here’s some press covering this announcement:

  • Techcrunch: “GetGlue has the power to create a stream of personalized recommendations around social products, such as movies, books and music.”
  • Mashable: “The suggestion engine aspect of the site now really adds a lot of value — especially if you are frequently looking for cool things.”
  • The Next Web: “If you have been using Glue, this is going to be a major treat, so get over there, and get some tips on what you will like, that you have not discovered yet.”
  • CNET: “Today, Glue is adding a more traditional profile-based system to the site, which provides more incentives for users to contribute regularly.”
  • ReadWriteWeb: “The result is friendly competition, increased interactions, and a very sticky website that’s compelling and entertaining for even the least technical end user.”
  • Lifehacker: “Glue packs in quite a few features on top of just suggesting new things, including movie previews and integration with popular sites like and”

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