Social TV Stats: The Walking Dead Sets a Premiere Record!

by kimber on October 15, 2012 · Comments

The Walking Dead set a new record for a season premiere on GetGlue with 160,949 check-ins, comments, and more yesterday according to Viewers checked-in throughout the day during an AMC marathon, but conversation hit a fever pitch for the season three premiere at 9/8c with more than 123,000 activities when the show was on.

The Walking Dead Chatter on GetGlue

Lurching past previous record holders Game of Thrones (99,038 activities for the season 2 premiere) and True Blood (150,790 activities for the season 5 premiere), The Walking Dead didn’t only dominate the already crowded Sunday night slate. It also killed its own previous records for the 2011 fall premiere (42,931 activities), 2012 winter premiere (84,269 activities), and the season 2 finale (109,779).

GetGlue users were not only enjoying sharing their thoughts on the survivors’ (and the zombies’) return, but they also couldn’t get enough of the images and videos for the show from AMC on GetGlue. Check out those likes and comments, and go to the feed for The Walking Dead for more media.

The Walking Dead Media on GetGlue

Once Upon a Time continued to be the biggest show on broadcast with 62,041 activities, with other ABC favorites Revenge (30,684 activities) and 666 Park Avenue (24,481 activities) keeping viewers engaged as well. Dexter boasts 36,450 activities for the viewers who don’t know where this season will take their favorite serial killer.

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