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The Big Bang Theory is in its fifth season and is doing better than ever.  The show has grown immensely, having just hit 1M check-ins the first week of December and is now officially the fastest growing show on GetGlue with the most check-ins to date.  It wasn’t that long ago that Dexter had the most check-ins with over 100K back in 2010, and oh how social tv has changed.

2012 is the year of “Social TV” and it is growing not only here at GetGlue but even the media is using check-ins to show growth in shows and even election buzz.  We currently work with AdAge to provide a weekly Top 10 chart of the top shows on GetGlue,  and more and more blogs and newspapers are citing check-ins alongside major events including the Golden Globes, Grammys, Oscars and the Super Bowl.  Even CNN is using GetGlue to measure election buzz.

The Big Bang Theory isn’t the only show that generates online buzz through GetGlue check-ins.  Here are the Top 10 Checked-in to shows on GetGlue:


Less popular shows get a lot of love on GetGlue, too. The 100th most checked-in to show is Showtime’s Shameless with 170,319, and the 1000th most checked-in to show is Without a Trace with 8,572 check-ins.

The Big Bang Theory has a large following and is a show with the most dedicated fanbase.  To show their appreciation, Warner Bros. Television would like to share this historic moment with you by rewarding fans who check-in to The Big Bang Theory with a 20% discount for merchandise from

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