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Today we’ve decided that GetGlue will not be merging with Viggle. The two companies remain friendly and think highly of each other.

We are moving forward as an independent company, and all of us at GetGlue are excited about growing our social network and the leadership position on the second screen. We have a strong product and partnership pipeline for 2013, and look forward to delighting our users and expanding the relationships with major networks, studios and brands.

GetGlue is a widely recognized brand and a product that is loved by millions of people. We have a passionate community of over 3.5M television fans who use the service to discuss the content they love and discover new content to watch. Over 75 major networks and studios are routinely promoting their content to our fans, and major brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Intel, Gap, and Mercedes have sponsored advertising campaigns on our service.


Today is a big day for all of us at GetGlue, as we are announcing a plan to merge with Viggle!

The combined company is going to have nearly 4.5M registered users and will be the clear leader in Social TV.

In the past couple of months the two companies started talking and it became clear that there are a lot of synergies and benefits to a combination.

GetGlue has become the favorite Social TV application, helping over 3 million fans socialize on the second screen, and discover what to watch. Viggle has focused on loyalty and rewards, as well as unique second screen experiences ViggleLive and MyGuy.

Both companies are passionate about building great products that help connect users, networks and brands on the second screen. And lastly, our offices in NYC are just two blocks of each other - so the combination also makes sense from a real-estate perspective too.

What can you expect from the two companies right now and in the future? Whether you are one of our users or partners in coming weeks it will be business as usual. (Don’t worry stickers are not going away!). Please continue to use and enjoy our products as you have been.

In the mean time, we will be getting the teams together over the holidays so be sure - to expect great second screen products from us in 2013.

Thank you for helping us get this far. We value our relationship and look forward to delighting you with more Social TV goodness in the near future.

As they say on the first screen - stay tuned!


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Hey all,

We’ve been working on a really big update and are super excited to share it with you today. The new app features a reimagined guide for shows, movies, and sports, and it changes the way people discover what to watch. Additionally, GetGlue will now bring you the best related content about your favorite shows to the second screen.

Download GetGlue for iPad from the app store!

A New Kind of Guide

The GetGlue update comes with a reimagined guide to help you find what shows, movies, and sports to watch.

Traditional guides display a grid of hundreds of impersonal choices. Instead, the new GetGlue guide is a simple, personalized list of shows, movies, and sports you already like and watch. The guide always prioritizes what to watch right now: new episodes bubble up above the reruns, you can see what your friends are watching right in the guide, and you get recommendations for shows that match your tastes.

The new GetGlue guide is not a grid; it is a personalized calendar for what to watch. As you scroll through it, you see new episodes of shows for tomorrow, a summary of what is on for you this and next week, and a calendar view of key premieres, finales, and major events like the Emmys, Oscars, and the Super Bowl.

This reimagined guide is not just smart about television shows. If you’re a sports fans, you can see your favorite teams’ schedules, stats, and live scores right in the guide. On the weekends, the guide recommends new movies in theaters that match your taste. You can also use the guide to discover shows and movies to watch on streaming services like iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon. The guide also comes with a flexible search that helps you find listings, teams, movies, genres, channels, and more.

A New Kind of Second Screen

After you discover what to watch, you check-in and are taken to a new kind of second-screen experience. You can still connect and chat with friends and other fans while watching TV. In addition to chatting, you discover videos, images, tweets, and reviews - the best content about your favorite shows.

Instead of going to many different sites and having to get clips, episode images, tweets from talent, and show recaps, you can now enjoy all this content aggregated on GetGlue into a single feed. The content comes from official channels and can be upvoted by friends and fans, helping the best content bubble up.

GetGlue HD is available immediately on the iPad and will come out on the iPhone, Android, mobile site, and later in the fall.


GetGlue Guide


GetGlue Guide

GetGlue Stream

GetGlue Show Info

GetGlue Profile

Download GetGlue for iPad from the app store!


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We are pleased to announce that GetGlue closed a $12M round of financing led by Rho Ventures, and with participation from our existing investors: TimeWarner Investments, RRE Ventures, and Union Square Ventures. This is a major event for GetGlue, a big vote of confidence from investors, and a huge opportunity to continue to play a defining role in the Social TV space.

This financing follows a year of strong growth for GetGlue. We reached the 2 million user milestone and saw more than 100 million check-ins in 2011. GetGlue database now contains 350 million check-ins, ratings and reviews. In the television space, 75 major networks in the US and UK have used GetGlue to reward fans of 680 different shows. We’ve also been honored with significant industry rewards, including Mashable’s ‘Breakout Startup of the Year.’

GetGlue data is now routinely used by major media to report on Social TV trends. To recap the year that’s been, exclusively for this announcement, we’ve created an expanded [INFOGRAPHIC] showing Social TV Trends on GetGlue in 2011. Also in time for this announcement, we released a significant update to our iPhone app and The updates include a visual stream of check-ins, the ability to participate in multiple conversations, and a personalized recommendation feature called Guides.

We are very excited about this financing and have big plans for 2012 and beyond. We are working on building a more personalized, media-rich second screen experience for phones, tablets, and We are also making a big investment into our platform and looking forward to enabling check-ins from more third-party applications and websites.

Thanks for checking-in and we look forward to creating awesome second screen experiences together!

p.s. Want to help build GetGlue? We are looking for talented engineers, product, and business people to join our team.


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Hey everyone!

2011 has been fantastic year for GetGlue. We are now a community of over 2,000,000 entertainment fans, that checked-in more than 100,000,000 times in 2011. Yesterday we learned that GetGlue won the Mashable 2011 Breakout Startup of the Year Award and we were thrilled and humbled. Thank you so much for voting for us and thank you for checking-in on GetGlue!

Today we’ve got a great update for you just in time for the holidays and the return of your favorite shows in January. This update has been in the works for several months and includes a major overhaul of our iPhone app and

New GetGlue for iPhone

The major new features of the GetGlue for iPhone are:

  • A new visual stream of check-ins.
  • Ability to participate in multiple conversations.
  • Personalized Guides for TV, Movies, Music and more.

New Stream: A more visual look and feel for the Stream that turns your friend’s entertainment into user generated art. The comments overlaid on top of the images inspire the discovery of new shows, movies and music through friends. You can vote and reply on any check-in right from the stream or tap the entry to get more details. You can quickly preview the show, movie, or an artist and save what you like.

GetGlue for iPhone: Stream

Real-time Conversation: Each check-in is a gateway to an interesting conversation. The new Conversation screen displays friends and interesting comments from other fans who are checked-in to the same show right now. You can use the swipe gesture to easily switch between several recent conversations. This interface is particularly handy for staying on top of conversations that happen in the evening around all the shows and sports you watch.

GetGlue for iPhone: Conversation

Guides: The new Guides help you quickly find things to watch, read, or listen to. Each guide is dynamic and created based on personal tastes, friends activity, trends across the GetGlue community, and popular genres. The guides are constantly updated with fresh recommendations for shows, movies, and music and make it easy for users to discover their next favorite.

Download this update right now from the app store.


Our web site has also received a major redesign to match the features, look and feel of the app. Every major screen and flow has been updated with a slick and streamlined look.

New way to Check-in The Check-in button is now integrated into the top navigation so you can check-in from any page. The Check-in overlay also features your recent and trending, making the whole check-in flow streamlined. Once you are done checking-in you can close the overlay and go right back to the page you were on. Checkin

Conversation Tabs The home screen now keeps track of the few last conversations for you. After you check-in the Conversation tab is automatically added to your home screen while the older conversation tab slides off. These tabs make it really easy to discuss what you are watching with friends and other fans in real-time. You can switch to a Conversation at any time to get the most recent chatter and add your comments.

Guides The navigation menu now features Guides for TV, Movies, Music and more. The guides feature fresh recommendations based on your ratings, and also help you discover new favorites through friends and entire GetGlue community. The guides feature an easy way to preview and save interesting shows, movies and music. Guide

Click the play button to see a preview and then Save what you like. Everything that you save is stored in a list on the bottom of the guide. So when you are looking for something to watch, head over to the guide to pick from your list. Once you like or check-in into a saved item it will be automatically removed from the list.

The Guides also make it easy to build up your tastes using the Quick Rate feature. Take up the challenge and rate your favorites. Once you rate things, your friends will be able to discover your tastes and you will be able to discover new favorites through GetGlue suggestions.

And a whole lot more

GetGlue profiles have also been redesigned in this update. We made them bigger, bolder, and louder to help you share your favorite entertainment with friends. Your recent Activity is now the first tab that friends see. We’ve also updated the Likes tab to show your tastes. The thing you are Obsessed with is featured on top, followed by your Favorites and the rest of your Likes. Profile

The Stickers also got a long overdue facelift - the new screen looks like a Sticker book. You can mouse over each sticker to get a brief description and click through for more details. You can also discover new stickers using the Sticker Guide located under the more menu in the top navigation.

GetGlue show, movie, and artist pages are now updated to feature conversations, reviews and suggestions. We also made it really easy for you to preview things by clicking the Play button right on the cover.

We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we’ve enjoyed working on them.

From the entire GetGlue crew - Happy Holidays and we look forward to checking-in together in 2012!

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Jason Hirschhorn I am delighted to announce that Jason Hirschhorn has joined GetGlue’s Board of Directors as the first independent director.

Jason is an experienced operator, successful entrepreneur, passionate product executive and visionary. Jason connects people and ideas at the intersection of media, technology and entertainment.

Jason started his first venture, Mischief New Media, while in college, and later sold it to MTV. His moving account of those times is a must read. Jason went on to become MTV’s Chief Digital Officer - the youngest senior executive in Viacom’s history.

Later, Jason became president of Sling Media Entertainment Group, and helped bring to market the “video anywhere” device. In 2007, Sling Media was acquired by EchoStar. Two years later, Jason’s passion for entertainment led him to accept the role of Chief Product Officer at MySpace and a few months later the role of co-president.

Our first meeting took place a few years ago at the News Corp. HQ in New York, after Jason had just arrived on the redeye. He was clearly sleep-deprived, yet he was incredibly focused and articulate. We talked about GetGlue, MySpace and the future of social entertainment. Jason had an incredible eye for simplicity and a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

After the meeting I emailed Fred Wilson, who helped set up the meeting and told him that Jason was one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.

Jason and I have had many conversations since, and it became clear to me that GetGlue would truly benefit from someone like Jason in helping us to build GetGlue into the leading company in the social entertainment space.

Jason’s capacity for understanding the trends in media, entertainment and technology is unmatched. He moves between present and future with ease and is able to introduce GetGlue to a variety of audiences.

In addition to being board member at GetGlue, Jason is on the board of MGM and the non-profit Computers for Youth.

And yet, to me, his most impressive venture to date is @MediaReDEF newsletter.

Shortly after leaving MySpace, Jason became consumed with the idea of a curated newsletter - a daily compilation of best stories about media, tech and entertainment. For over 6 months, every day, Jason has been making the newsletter himself. It is the single best news source about media you will ever find. I don’t have time to read much these days, but I read Jason’s newsletter every day.

To me, @MediaReDEF defines reveals the secret behind Jason’s successes – incredible passion for the space, a craving for knowledge, a willingness to roll up his sleeves, and persistence and focus in his pursuits.

Welcome on board Jason, we are delighted to have you as a partner in developing GetGlue together!


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GetGlue: Check-in About a month ago we released a significant update to our iPhone app. The update included the ability to connect with friends and fans in real-time around the shows you are watching. Today we are pleased to announce that real-time conversations are available on our Android app and

Whether you are watching sports, a reality show, or your favorite drama, the new GetGlue for Android is your perfect companion. Tune in and check-in for interesting comments on GetGlue and Twitter, share your opinion and enjoy the conversation. After you check-in, you become part of the real-time conversation.

This new conversation experience is smart - you will see friends who are also checked-in as well as interesting comments from other fans. This conversation stream on GetGlue is filtered - there is no noise, only interesting comments are surfaced. We also made conversations more fun by redesigning the user experience to be more chat-like.

In addition, we redesigned a lot of screens, including home and the check-in flow. The new home screen is a menu that helps you check-in, see the stream, or get to other areas of the app quickly. Also new is a streamlined check-in flow - it now takes one less screen to check-in. Most of the screens have a refreshed design. We encourage you to take the app for a spin and let us know what you think.

  • GetGlue Conversation: Android
  • GetGlue Stream

You can download GetGlue for Android here.


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1. Real-time Conversation

Feel like shouting when your favorite team scores? Want to comment on Snooki’s dress? Have something to say about a contestant on X Factor? The new GetGlue Conversation experience helps you do exactly that. After you check-in, the Conversation connects you in real-time to your with friends and other fans checked-into the same thing.

GetGlue: Real-time Conversation

The Conversation is smart. It shows all comments from your friends, but only interesting comments from other fans. The Conversation also shows you filtered Tweets, so you can stay on top of on what is going on Twitter without leaving GetGlue. The Conversation updates in real-time - as the new Interesting Comments show up, you will see the update notification.

You can use the Conversation to vote and reply to friends and other fans, and even to reply to Tweets. You can post your own comments without having to check-in again.

To sum up, the Conversation on GetGlue is the best way to experience Social TV while watching a show or sporting event.

2. Share to Tumblr

GetGlue: Share To Tumblr

Many of you have expressed interest in sharing GetGlue check-ins and reviews to your Tumblr blogs. We have now integrated Tumblr along with Facebook and Twitter and made sharing very easy. To connect your Tumblr, click the check box beneath the check-in box.. First time, you need to sign in to Tumblr, and link it to GetGlue. If you have multiple Tumblr blogs you will be able to select the one where you want GetGlue to post. And thats all, now you can share any check-in to Tumblr.

The best part about the integration is how the check-ins appear on Tumblr - they are beautiful. We love Tumblr for its simplicity and beauty and focus on self-expression. We choose to make check-ins big and focused on the show or movie you are checking into. Each post also will show your comment and number of other people checked-in right now. This is what the post looks like:

GetGlue: Tumblr Post

2. Check-in and Sticker Widgets

Also in this update, cool widgets featuring your check-ins and stickers. The widgets can be embedded into Tumblr, Blogger, Wordpress - any blog or web site. You can grab your personalized widgets from the settings page. The widgets will automatically update to show your latest activity on GetGlue. The check-in widget will show the full entry of your most recent check-in, and below it will show the grid of the recent things you’ve been checking into. The sticker widget shows 9 recent stickers you unlocked. Both widgets link to your profile and show the total count of your GetGlue check-ins and stickers. We think these widgets are easily the coolest bling to stick on your blog and a great way to showcase your entertainment tastes and fandom.

GetGlue Widgets

We hope you enjoy using these features as much as we enjoyed building them. And as always, we look forward to your feedback.




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